Currently, business strategists are advising marketers to use more visual marketing because the method has a greater effect than written content. Similarly, it would be right to say visual teaching and learning can have a better effect than traditional classroom learning.

Some of the most influential social media sites like TikTok are almost exclusively dominated by the younger generation Z. They post and download videos daily and enjoy watching. Films can be incorporated in teaching and schools can use them more for better learning.

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Students relate easily to visuals

Students often discuss the latest movie release during lesson breaks and they can even tell which ones will be released in the next season. They buy and download series on their phones and laptops for access anytime they need to watch.

This is evidence of how students relate well to films and they can narrate a detailed review or analysis of each character. If movies for educational purposes are produced with the current schooling generation in mind, they will embrace the method and may even learn faster and better.

Films use the current technology and new concepts

Every school subject has a part that teaches on technology and its use. History teaches old and new civilization and geography covers the latest technology used to measure earthquakes, rainfall patterns and so on. Agriculture and modern technology cannot be separated and it’s far more applicable to science subjects.

The current movies display the latest technology and some like sci-fi films, focus on future technology. The marvelous movie-making technology can be used in films for education. Students can understand technology better visually than when taught in class through demonstrations by hand and writing on a board or paper.

Every college has the opportunity to embrace the importance of using films for educational purposes. Students in the university can use films to learn science and art concepts. A modern student has the opportunity to find out the desirable information any time he/she wants by using the technology.

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Films can help students build interest in a topic

Pre-teaching preparation is important because it helps students to be eager with the topic before them and it boosts concentration. Instead of telling a pre-teaching story, the teacher can pick a film relevant to the day’s topic and show some clips to the students.

The students will be able to comprehend what they are about to learn and they will be eager to learn. The film will be good for groundbreaking before the lesson begins. Students will also understand the topic better.

Films are useful tools for repetition

Students can watch a good movie several times until they get bored with it. They can understand the whole film better as a result of repetition. Grade one teachers use the method of repetition to teach numbers and letters. Because of repeating many times, the young children understand the alphabet and numbers and never forget them the rest of their lives.

When an educational film is produced using high technology and engaging content, students will most likely watch it several times. By doing that, they will understand the concept being taught better and will not forget it.

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Films lower the long-term cost of learning

The initial phase of producing educational films can be high, but it will be somehow priceless compared to hard-copy books. The future of education is in remote learning where more students will be learning online. 
Educational films will be useful for online learning and they can be introduced in the traditional class to help students get used to remote learning videos. If the film is purposely produced for use by the education department, teachers can make copies in the learning institutions. If they are buying the film from private producers, the cost cannot be high like producing a new film. 


The usage of films for educational purposes needs to take a different approach. Teachers should allow full students’ participation in the movie and only comment before or after the movie. Students will follow the lessons from the movie better when they are not interrupted by the teacher while in the middle of the film. The educationists can get proposals from the students on what the best educational film would be like before they develop the scrips. 

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