Movies are a source of inspiration for many. Some people get an idea for another movie they could produce, others feel inspired to make art related to the movie, and others get inspired to make a casino game out of it.

A lot of popular movies that many of us know and love have been turned into casino games that film lovers and gamblers alike can enjoy.

If you’re looking for more movie-inspired casino games to play, then keep reading!

Where To Play

First, the variety of games available at a typical online casino in the United States that accepts real money would much exceed that of most brick-and-mortar casinos. Not only will you discover almost every major table game, but you’ll also likely find a wide variety of subgenres within each main category. Additionally, it is more probable that you may encounter obscure movie-themed games such as the ones mentioned below at an online casino.

What sets apart an online casino that accepts actual money is the second half of that sentence. While laying on the sofa, you may enjoy not only the selection of games mentioned below but also thousands of other games and a plethora of additional advantages. It takes a few seconds to get started with online casinos, just register an account, place a deposit, and indulge in the fun activities through the convenience of your laptop or mobile browser (Source:


The American fantasy adventure movie Jumanji features several thrilling scenarios. The action in the movie is based on a fantastic casino game that can be played without spending a lot of money at the most reputable casinos.

The slot machine game offers you a thrilling adventure similar to the one in the movie and has five reels and 36 pay lines. The game’s attributes, rewards, and symbols have also boosted its appeal in the gaming industry.

Movie-related Features

It wouldn’t be Jumanji without a little chaos, and the slot machine makes sure to incorporate that excitement and chaos within its game!

  • Wilds

The most typical aspect you’ll encounter throughout the game is this. Wilds can appear anywhere on the reels and can be used to replace other in-game payout symbols. They’ll definitely give you a helping hand with winning.

  • Sticky Vines

With this feature, you never know what’s going to happen next, just like in the movie! Any wild and winning symbols will adhere to the reels while the sticky vines feature is on, and the reels will then spin again.

  • Monsoon Wilds

This feature causes one or two reels to unexpectedly fill with wilds. If you’re fortunate, this could result in some significant wins across several pay lines.

  • Monkey Mayhem

The monkeys will show up and begin moving the symbols around so that players are guaranteed to win. Depending on your luck, the size of the prize will vary.

  • Wild Stampede

The reels will start to tremble and a rush of animals will suddenly come running through the house and slam through the reels if this feature is activated. In their aftermath, they’ll leave a ton of wilds, which might result in a large payoff. For this feature, between four and nine wilds will be included.

Jurassic Park

Another casino game inspired by a popular film with prehistoric creatures that once roamed the earth is called Jurassic Park. The movie depicts the tale of a family going on an outing when they come across these monsters, and how things take an unexpected turn.

Movie-related Features

This slot game is a hit with Jurassic Park fans as it includes the same elements of adventure and fantasy!

  • Wild Excursion

The first 10 spins are free for the player. Players can retrigger up to 120 additional spins during the bonus by hitting more free spin symbols.

  • Cryogenic Free Spins

Players receive 10 free spins in this bonus round. During the bonus, players can repeatedly trigger more spins up to a total of 100. The objective of each spin in the bonus game is to accumulate credits while tubes of dinosaur DNA that contain extra rewards like sticky wilds, extra spins, and multipliers enter the game.

  • T-rex Chase Bonus

Players must flee the T-Rex during the T-Rex Chase Bonus to avoid being “eaten” by it. Can you outrun the t-rex or will you be his dinner?

The Avengers

The goal is to create a whole line of any superhero. Each superhero has his own series, but it’s more entertaining to see them all at once.

Movie-related Features

You can expect to see all of your favorite superheroes (excluding Wolverine since he didn’t make it into the game) as each one has a different payout.

  • Captain America

Depending on the amount wagered for each line, you can get 1000, 250, or 60 credits to one credit if you get five, four, or three of these symbols.

  • Thor And Iron Man

The payouts for both of these symbols are comparable. Your payouts are 500, 150, and 40 to 1 for four, five, and three of them on your reels, respectively.

  • The Hulk

The payout from this symbol is a few credits less than from the Thor and Iron emblems. You can receive 400 for five of these symbols, 125 for four, and 30 credits for three.

  • Nick Fury And Black Widow

The maximum payout from them is 300 credits for matching up 5 icons, the next 100 credits for matching up 4 symbols, and finally 25 credits for matching up a total set of 3 symbols that are all next to each other.

  • Hawkeye

The payouts from these symbols are as follows; for five of them, you will receive 250 credits, for four, 75, and for three, 20.

Concluding Thoughts

Movie lovers have several casino games they can try out that incorporate their favorite characters! You will surely have a great time playing as developers have gone out of their way to include amazing movie features and themes into the games!

There are many movies that might be your top pick but haven’t become casino games yet, so keep an eye out for any future developments.

Happy playing!