Still/Life // Daily Short Picks


A dreamlike vision of the cultural renaissance transforming Yangon, a long-isolated city in South East Asia. This short film celebrates the city’s emerging sense of freedom, expression, and movement, seen through young athletes bringing new life to forgotten corners of their city. Filmed on location with real athletes that call[…]

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Solibet // Daily Short Pick


Solibet, a short experimental documentary on young boxer Rahma Soliman. ‘Solibet’ focuses on the themes of identity and belonging and what it means to be a woman in Australia.

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Isolation // Daily Short Picks


ISOLATION… A short film about a character who abandons societies predictability in a bid to uncover the secrets buried within the mysterious and dramatic landscape of the Scottish Highlands. Director’s Statement Throughout the film, the character works to uncover the meaning of solitude, isolation and how removing himself from the[…]

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Lote // Short Film Trailer


Lote was born on Fiji Island and moved to Japan with his family to play Rugby 7.

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Pale Naked Romance // Daily Short Picks

Pale Naked Romance

PALE NAKED ROMANCE is an affectionate and vulnerable piece that explores romance and all of it’s confusions. Director’s Statement Romance occupies almost my entire consciousness. For me, it’s my sole interest, my primary source of inspiration, and the driver of all creative endeavours. The thought of how partners and lovers[…]

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Ivry // Featured Short Film


A young boxer guides his protégé through his past growing up in the South Side of Chicago. Boxing has been at the forefront of sports movies from the very beginning, and that’s because the stories often grow from underdog characters fighting their way through life obstacles, simultaneously imaging their sport.[…]

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Hummingbird in The Trenches // Daily Short Pick

Hummingbirds in the Trenches

Hummingbirds in the Trenches is a short documentary about the life of author/spoken word poet, Kondwani Fidel. It is as much about him as it is about Baltimore. In loving memory of Fidel Kondwani Russell & Raysharde “Deek” Sinclair Directors Statement Hummingbirds in the Trenches is the most important film[…]

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Children of the Dust // Daily Short Picks

Children of the Dust

In 2017 I followed the staff and social workers of Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation as they navigated the streets of Hanoi, Vietnam, looking for kids in crisis. Whether through force or simply being born into dangerous situations, these kids are robbed of a future and thrown down into a life[…]

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Spirit // Daily Short Picks


“Spirit” is a celebration of the human spirit, shot on location across Nepal in Kathmandu, Pokhara, and at the Nagi Gompa, Namo Buddha, Tamang and Kanying Sherub Ling monasteries, as well as at Pashupatinath temple. The film’s action follows a community of nuns and monks, young and old, as they[…]

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Hometown // Daily Short Pick

Hometown: A Portrait of the American Opioid Epidemic

An intimate look at the human faces of America’s current opioid epidemic. Seen through the eyes of a mother and the lens of a small town. Director’s Statement We set out to make a film that puts a human face to this tragic epidemic. A lot of people tend to[…]

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