What Constitutes Home // Daily Short Picks

What Constitutes Home?

The discovery of 8mm home movies shot in the 1960s instigates a conversation between three family members about roots, identity, and home. Director’s Statement This film came together almost by accident, and I was very much in two minds about releasing the film publicly. I wanted to have the 8mm[…]

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For What It's Worth // Daily Short Picks

For What it’s Worth

From rural Pennsylvania to the sprawling scrap yards of Suffolk County, demolition derbies have long piqued the interest of drivers with a destructive streak. In this short documentary, we follow the lives of some of the colorful people who make up the fanbase for this extreme hobby as they prep[…]

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Here, Now // Daily Short Picks

Here, Now

When you lose yourself in the things you love, you’ll find yourself there too. HERE, NOW is a short documentary about living in the moment. Its narrative is a collection of artists and athletes’ thoughts about finding authenticity by honouring passion and embracing imperfections.

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Good Medicine // Daily Short Picks

Good Medicine

Filmed on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming, Good Medicine is a short film looking at how the youth and elders of the Shoshone and Arapaho Tribes find peace and healing through skateboarding and traditions.

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The Runner // Daily Short Picks


Charles Nkazamyampi is famous in the small country of Burundi, Africa for being the first Burundian runner to receive a medal in a World Championship. But that record cannot convey the adversity, tragedy, and inner conflict that Charles had to endure to get to that place. THE RUNNER tells the[…]

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One Man's Trash // Daily Short Picks

One Man’s Trash

A Brooklyn man has a strange hobby of creating life size robots out of trash. Director’s Notes We hired Peter for a different video about 5 years ago. We didn’t know until he showed up to set that all his suits were made out of trash. It was amazing. So[…]

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Just Dance: The Xoe Xapoian Story // Short Film Trailer

Just Dance: The Xoe Xapoian Story

“Just Dance: The Xoe Xapoian Story” is a short documentary film focusing on the life of Xoe Xapoian, an actress, model and dancer who lost her leg in an unfortunate car accident just one year ago. Drawing upon an inner reserve of strength, willpower and love, she has been able[…]

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Tam Tam // Daily Short Picks

Tam Tam – Outside the Lines

The right to citizenship at birth, ‘ius soli’, is still unapproved in Italy, denying over a million children, born of immigrant parents, automatic citizenship. The film captures the story of an Italian basketball team, who were refused access to regional leagues because of the Italian born players’ immigration status. Former[…]

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Knives Down, Bikes Up // Daily Short Picks


London is currently experiencing a knife crime epidemic. In response to this crisis, some of London’s youths have banded together to start the Knives Down, Bikes Up movement which is about breaking down barriers & creating a community of like-minded riders. The death toll from knife violence is still rising[…]

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