Bubbi // Daily Short Picks


Rita Boguss (a.k.a. Bubbi), is 92 years old & as she would put it, “I’ve lived through a lot… “ On a New England winter’s day, we fall under her spell of optimism as she reflects back on her life, relationships & what it means to sift through the everyday[…]

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The Dual // Daily Short Picks


BYT Journal, a new hub for creative experimentation, premiered its inaugural project this week on HYPEBEAST, “The Dual”, a study in mixed perspectives. The series challenges two filmmakers to film the same subject and create films that showcase their unique perspectives. For the first installment, creatives Harrison Boyce and Daniel[…]

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Color of November // Daily Short Picks

Color of November

“Color of November” is a contemporary portrait of the relationship between two young women in the month of November in Poland. It is a hybrid narrative-doc short that explores cross border perspectives on the relationship between identity, space and memory in the post globalization era. The film was born out[…]

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The Year is 2020 // Daily Short Picks

The Year is 2020

The Year Is 2020 is a striking collaboration between performance poet Anisa Nandaula and filmmakers Bill+Brown. In a bold piece of performance poetry, Anisa uses a metaphorical Australian civil war to speak to the unjustness of Australia’s refugee policies. This is a punch-in-the-guts introduction to an important new voice in[…]

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P.A.V.E. Carla's Story // Daily Short Picks

P.A.V.E. – Carla’s Story

Carla Westlund is shattering the silence as she recounts the night she was kidnapped and raped by a fake Uber driver and her courageous path she traveled toward hope, healing, and happiness with Promoting Awareness | Victim Empowerment (PAVE) by her side. Carla’s story made national headlines as the perpetrator[…]

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Samira // Daily Short Picks


From becoming the first female in history to join her University’s all male American football team, to getting the lead in Shakespeare’s Othello, Samira redefines what it means to be a woman in modern day Britain, in this visual exploration of youth, identity and womanhood. Director’s Statement The desire to[…]

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Castells // Daily Short Picks


Castells is a film that looks into the art of human towers in Catalonia. It explores the characters and the communities that are part of this beautiful and mesmerising tradition. Castells are seemingly a simple activity; people climb on top of each other to create the highest tower. However, under[…]

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The Guy: The Brian Donahue Story // Featured Short

The Guy: The Brian Donahue Story

Stuntman. Actor. UPS employee. Former WWF wrestler, Disney World performer, and NFL nose tackle. Brian Donahue has seemingly done it all The Guy is a short documentary film chronicling Mr. Donahue’s surreal story as he tries to strike a balance between paying the rent and seeking out the elusive Hollywood[…]

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Cinematographer // Daily short Pick


Cinematographers Reed Morano, Autumn Eakin, Kate Arizmendi, Maria Rusche, Allison Anderson and Emoni Aikens share honest insights about what it means to be a cinematographer in the modern era. Director’s Statement Claudia and I were really surprised that a project like this didn’t already exist. Cinematographer came about because of[…]

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Taru // Daily Short Picks


At just 19, Taru Mikkonen became a Finnish non-league rally driving champion in a country where racing is a national obsession. Raised by the extended family that is Rokkiralli – a DIY racing scene in Finland –she left a normal childhood in the rear view, to dedicate herself full-time to[…]

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