Inherit The Earth // Daily Short Picks

Inherit the Earth

“Inherit The Earth” is a poetic encounter with five young people living in Southwest Baltimore. Conceived as a micro-documentary exploring the experience of food insecurity amount children in Baltimore’s inner city, this nine-minute film transcends both its original intent and genre to create a quiet meditation on kids and hope[…]

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The Fisherman // Daily Short Picks

The Fisherman

An intimate portrait of a Mother and Father’s struggle to provide for their family on the Indonesian island of Rote. Meksi is a proud Father and experienced fisherman, but his efforts to provide are constantly thwarted by an unreliable boat engine that puts him and his family’s already precarious situation[…]

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Rainbow Ruthie // Short Trailer

Rainbow Ruthie

An ex teen star from Manhattan Public Access TV in the 90s decides to relive her glory days.

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Gladiators on Wheels // Daily Short Picks

Gladiators on Wheels

In remote rural festivals all around India the ‘Well of Death’ has been a long-notorious attraction – where for £0.50p per ticket, you can see stunt drivers rocket in circles across 60ft walls, throwing caution to the wind and defying gravity. “Gladiators on Wheels” is an experimental documentary short made[…]

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A Short Documentary About People Fighting // Daily Short Picks

A Short Documentary About People Fighting

Consensual violence is, bizarrely, quite intimate. There was only one hospital visit while making this film. Strangers, friends, lovers, and coworkers pair up to fist fight on camera. Exploring consent, trust, masculinity-femininity, and of course violence, this strange little film casts a surprisingly broad thematic net. If you’ve never been[…]

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Somewhere South // Daily Short Picks

Somewhere South

We follow the journey of Harry Robinson and Alen Van Rooyen as they create a balance between manmade shapes and organic materials on the South Devonshire coastline. Their philosophy is that ‘every board can carve its own path when crafted with passion and soul.’

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Fathers // Featured Short


A powerful documentary that interrogates and challenges stereotypes surrounding the role of the black father in modern society “FATHERS” gives us an insight into the emotional and spiritual lives of a group of young black men, whose mental health is all too often disregarded. It charts their experiences navigating the[…]

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Freedom Song // Daily Short Picks

Freedom Song

Chris Robertson, a high school senior in Los Angeles, performs a powerful essay he wrote as he walks the empty hallways and classrooms of his high school. Shot on 35mm Kodak film in one continuous 4:10 second take, the film highlights topics of freedom and oppression while the visuals serve[…]

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Bubbi // Daily Short Picks


Rita Boguss (a.k.a. Bubbi), is 92 years old & as she would put it, “I’ve lived through a lot… “ On a New England winter’s day, we fall under her spell of optimism as she reflects back on her life, relationships & what it means to sift through the everyday[…]

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