Pesada Pluma // Daily Short Picks

Pesada Pluma (Heavy Pen)

On the afternoon of 16 October 2014 Paraguayan journalist Pablo Medina was shot and killed in his car by two men dressed as soldiers while heading back from a report in a remote border town in the province of Canindeyú, Paraguay. For years he had faced threats from criminal groups[…]

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Down Again // Daily Short Picks

Down Again

Down Again is an exploration of the connection between mental illness and creativity told through the lens of photographer and Chimaira frontman Mark Hunter. The film explores the catharsis of making music and art and how the result affects the fans. Director Statement Down Again is a very personal project[…]

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Los Tres Escalones // Short Film Trailer

Los tres escalones (The three steps)

Pedro lives in Cofete, an isolated beach of Fuerteventura. He abandoned his lifestyle to find out the obscure history of his family’s old house. “The three steps” tells a story of a man who decides not to give up and struggle against the elements.

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Artform // Daily Short Picks


In their short film “Artform”, the prolific producers Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Adrian Younge share their creative roadmap and studio secrets – encouraging today’s creators to pick up an instrument and discover their identity through music.

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Metamorphosis // Short Film Trailer


This film will recount the true story of Jon Smith and Bill Troester and the powerful transformation they experienced in their lives through the gospel. Bill and Jon’s childhoods were characterized by pain, disappointment and abuse. This drove them into lives of darkness, seeking for peace and relief from their[…]

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The Neon Bender // Daily Short Picks

The Neon Bender

David Johansen, or Neon Dave, is a neon bender. His medium is comprised of a combination of glass bending and a delicate balance of noble gases and electric currents. In Dave’s words, neon art is an act of creation — literally the act of creating light where there was once[…]

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Send Me Home // Daily Short Picks

Send Me Home

Before a witness recantation led to his immediate exoneration and release, Rickey spent four decades in prison for a murder he did not commit. Lonelyleap presents Send Me Home, a 360° documentary of Rickey Jackson, one of the longest-serving exonerees in U.S. history, in his surreal, new life post-prison. Director’s[…]

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To The Right. // Daily Short Picks

To The Right.

As an Alaska Native born into a nomadic tribe, Lena understands what it takes to survive. Over the years she has battled hunger and extreme cold, fighting for the survival of her family and their way of life. But today, living alone in a small cabin deep in the Alaskan[…]

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Shades // Daily Short Picks


A lively and diverse group of people candidly discuss their own emoji usage and their feelings about other people’s emoji usage. Through the process, we learn both how serious and also how fun emojis can be and what our own emoji choices might say about us. Director’s Statement The goal[…]

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Litoral // Short Film Trailer


LITORAL is a short documentary that tells the story of a town, a marriage and a way of understanding life that only remains in the memories.

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