If PREFIGURED was a house instead of a short film, its building materials would be fatalism, dread, and the acceptance of humanity’s cosmic insignificance. Its basement would be The Mariana Trench; teaming with unknown lifeforms that defy scientific understanding, and its attic would be a black hole; bridging us to some hidden dimension overseen by an ancient entity.

Equal parts Lovecraft-inspired science-fiction, horror, and drama, this film was inspired by a simple premise – that a singular moment or experience, completely outside of our control or desires, can come to define our entire lives.

PREFIGURED follows a reluctant individual who, under the imposing implications of a strange phenomenon, seeks out an esoteric support group for a chance at either enlightenment or closure.

It is a grounded exploration of the paranormal; an open-ended case study into a few of the lives impacted by incomprehensible forces. Bringing this project to life allowed me the opportunity to explore and exorcise my own feelings of doubt, powerlessness, and renouncement.