Lifeline // Featured Short


During a job trial at a high-tech call centre, Jess’ competitor suddenly collapses. Her only means to save him is a state of the art computer system When it comes to modern science fiction short films, Black Mirror became a fantastic source of inspiration. With singled out concentrated stories, the[…]

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The Seditionist // Daily Short Picks

The Seditionist

In a future-dystopian world known as Starkam, Eloy, a young survivor of the notorious “black-bagging”, plans to rescue his mother from a government medical facility. Director’s Statement I set myself one clear task with this film: “Make a mini blockbuster”. It was probably just an excuse for myself to unleash[…]

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Time and Again // Daily Short Picks

Time And Again

A child genius enlists his best friend to build a time machine in a foolhardy attempt to escape his distant father and connect with the mother he never knew.

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Perfect Man // Daily Short Picks

Perfect Man

Set in the very near future, a virtual reality addicted girl must follow a government mandate to remove her VR headset for 3 hours. When her dismal reality sets in, she goes online and orders Perfect Man: a robotic humanoid love companion.

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Day One // Daily Short Picks

Day One

A man tries to do his laundry, but comes across an unexpected obstacle. DAY ONE is a cautionary tale that explores artificial intelligence. Director’s Statement This film was made for the SCI-FI London 48 hour film competition where they require you to make a film based off a film title,[…]

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Pulsar // Featured Short


A Peacemaker, who rejects his final mission to save an endangered planet, is believed to be cursed when a solar storm hits his spaceship Pulsar is a Sci-Fi rendition of the biblical story of Jonah. The film does however hold its own grounds as a fictional realm as the focus[…]

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Singularity // Daily Short Picks

Singularity Stories Vol. I

When Colleen’s Amazon Alexa refuses to play her favorite Bruno Mars song, she becomes aware of the emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI) consciousness that has awoken around the globe. Will she welcome our robot overlords? More importantly, can she convince them that her taste in music isn’t terrible? Director’s Statement Why[…]

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Elapsed // Daily Short Picks


A planet sized asteroid is scheduled to collide with the earth, wiping out every living thing…..10 years from now. How do you live your life differently? We follow one girl and with her experience how she dealt with her limited time left alive.

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Remote Capture // Daily Short Picks

Remote Capture

A variety of men must come to terms with their identity when a mysterious journalist shows up and asks them questions about their pasts.

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Riccochet // Short Film Trailer


A young woman discovers a girl locked in her father’s panic room — his personal vault. But as three masked intruders break into the home to retrieve the girl, things take an unexpected turn for the worse.

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