A short music video for Owen Pallett‘s A Bloody Morning shot during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A Bloody Morning was filmed in Montreal, during the beginning of quarantine measures that were implemented in the city due to covid-19. We invited our friends and family to be filmed from a safe distance, behind the windows of their homes. With a hardcore documentary approach, we filmed for 14 consecutive evenings. Rain or shine, we filmed. Over 10 hours of material were collected from 28 locations in the creation of this piece. Our intention was to showcase the range of emotions experienced by individuals and families who are coping with the arrival of the pandemic in our city.

This project was meaningful for us and our community. We are grateful to be in a position where we could give our friends, family, and colleagues an opportunity to look forward to, when all other opportunities to perform had been canceled, and everything seemed so bleak for us artists.

One of the dancers, Lesley is living in a retirement home, in Montreal. Here in Quebec, along with many other places in the world, long term care facilities are where covid-19 has been most devastating. We were separated by a locked door preventing anyone from coming in or out. It was really special to film her. She was dancing in the lobby uninhibited with such joy! This moment was particularly magical. Her response made the whole project seem worth while!

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