Best Picks of The Month

A new year, and new Best Picks! Let’s kick it off again. The Best Picks of The Month highlight our Daily Short Picks that resonated the most with us and our audience. These are the best picks for the month of May 2024.

Explore a rich tapestry of human experiences with this month’s Best Picks. “As You Are” delves into the intimate dynamics of an interabled queer couple confronting desire, sexuality, and love. In the drama-comedy “Impenetrable,” Jules embarks on a humorous and heartfelt journey to overcome personal barriers with the help of an anthropomorphized dilator. “Iris” presents a dramatic tale of moral ambiguity as a young girl and her soon-to-be stepfather face difficult choices after encountering a stranded stranger. Lastly, “Dream Team” offers a comedic glimpse into the quirks and dynamics of workplace relationships through the eyes of a young creative professional.

A friendly reminder to check out all our Featured Shorts this month (below) as well as our exciting YouTube Channel.

Featured Shorts of May