Presentation // Featured Short


An anxiety-ridden high school girl is faced with the challenge of giving a class presentation. The anxiety is real in Danielle Kampf’s proof of concept film ‘Presentation’, where a young girl is faced with the challenge of giving a class presentation. We’ve all been there and all went through the[…]

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Ride or Die // Daily Short Picks

Ride or Die

Zeke made a Doomsday escape plan and it was pretty lousy. Director’s Statement December 2016. Trump had just been elected and it was Christmas party season in Los Angeles! High anxiety was in the breezy desert air. As I caught up with friends and acquaintances over eggnog and bourbon, the[…]

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Whenever You're Ready // Featured Short

Whenever You’re Ready

A heartbroken actress goes to an audition and begins to unravel. The film is about what happens when the inner world of a character accidentally spills out. The character has kind of been tap-dancing over her problem, pretending she’s fine. But the real stuff finds a way to come out.[…]

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Rejected // Daily Short Picks


A hilarious collection of animated television commercials that were rejected because of their creator’s failing grip on sanity. Rewind almost two decades, where the internet was still a little toddler learning to walk. ‘Rejected’ was one of the first films to really kick off the viral wagons of the video[…]

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Trophy Boy // Daily Short Pick

Trophy Boy

TROPHY BOY depicts the downward spiral of James – a spoiled narcissist, who believes his own social media profile without question. He is without doubt a beautiful boy. He also seems to have it all. But, just before his 30th birthday he is dumped by his wealthy benefactor. James now[…]

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Stationary // Short Film Trailer


A perpetual third wheel crashes her younger boss’ Couples Spinning class.

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Final Thesis // Daily Short Picks

Final Thesis

From JG Film & Photo and Olson Entertainment Studios LLC we bring you our latest short film production, Final Thesis! Final Thesis follows the story of Ryan (Played by Rosario Corso), who refuses to allow his girlfriend Victoria (Played by Acei Martin) to be in his final thesis film project[…]

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The Chirping // Featured Short Film

The Chirping

At loggerheads again, this time over a mistakenly glimpsed laptop screen, a codependent mother and son strike a tenuous truce in order to rid their home of a maddening interloper. In ‘The Chirping’ we study the complex relationship between mother and son while madly searching for a chirping cricket in[…]

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Olive Juice // Daily Short Picks

Olive Juice

Clayton Farris, Atsuko, and Ryan Harper Gray star in this comedy of errors and save a relationship… by accident.

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