Resistance // Daily Short Picks


Everyone of us knows the struggle Steve goes through: You got THE idea! You want to work it out! But a notorious friend sneaks back into your life. Will Steve find a way to survive this battle?

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Mother of Calamity // Short Film Trailer

Mother of Calamity

A troubled but feisty punk rocker builds a killbot to exact vengeance on her enemies. But her creation soon sees who the true enemy is, and plots her demise.

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A Period Piece // Short Film Trailer

A Period Piece

Cheered on by her best friend, a teen confronts her greatest fear – tampons.

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Man's Best Friend // Daily Short Pick

Man’s Best Friend

Man’s Best Friend is the story of a lonely software engineer named Martin, who lives life through his smartphone. That is, until a rebellious dog walker disrupts his pattern of avoidance. It poses the question: is “app culture” really making life convenient or is it making us passive and alone?[…]

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Dolly // Short Film Trailer


A moody eight-year-old girl must combat the strange influence a mysterious doll has over her lonely, single father in order to save her little family of two…

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Waffles // Daily Short Picks


The morning after a casual one-nighter with an older woman, Gina scrolls through her Facebook feed, only to discover that the person in bed beside her is the epitome of everything she loathes in this world. Director’s Statement To be honest, our original intention with WAFFLES was to film something[…]

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Daniel. Noah. // Short Film Trailer

Daniel. Noah.

Noah, a neurotic writer, spends his time idling in a New York townhouse owned by his mother Carla, where he lives alone—until his childhood friend Daniel moves in. Invited by Carla in a misguided attempt to set the two of them up (even though Daniel is straight), Daniel is hoping[…]

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Bullet To The Heart // Daily Short Picks

Bullet To The Heart

Steve is a cop, Jane is a hardened criminal. They have been enemies for a long time. We join them mid shootout. But as the bullets and the quips fly, Jane and Steve realise that perhaps their enemy is the only person who really gets them.. An action comedy with[…]

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Superklanman // Short Film Trailer


A serum handed down to the Klan is unleashed and lands into the perfect hands. An unlikely hero emerges to fight the Klan and bigotry, using the same symbols that once represented hate. This unlikely hero is SuperKlanMan.

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Johnny Colorado // Short Film Trailer

Johnny Colorado

Johnny Colorado goes in for a job interview drunk, high, and packing heat. Things kinda go downhill from there.

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