Lady // Daily Short Picks


Lady lives in South East London and isn’t afraid to do her own thing. A fan of the ‘ladette culture’ from the 90’s, Lady tells us why it was so great, why it’s still acceptable for it to carry on and still have a balanced playing field between men and[…]

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The Katy Universe // Featured Short

The Katy Universe

Katy went to a wedding and developed superpowers. Things get pretty crazy in Patrick Muhlberger’s freshest short ‘The Katy Universe‘. It’s not a total shock after featuring his last completely whacky short ‘Pop Music‘. Katy is the story of a young woman who believes she developed superpowers during her friend’s[…]

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Acoustic Space // Daily Short Picks

Acoustic Space

This short film about how technology has changed the way we communicate features a couple have dinner at an elegant restaurant who cannot complete a conversation due to their constantly ringing cell phones. Director’s Statement “Acoustic Space” grew out of my love-hate relationship with technology. I love the fact that[…]

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Cat's Outta The Bag // Daily Short Picks

Cat’s Outta the Bag

An innocent millennial finds herself in an unthinkable situation and the only thing that can fix it, of course, is her cell phone. Director’s Notes We have been here before – one generation not understand the next. Technology has almost become its own generation forcing its way into ALL our[…]

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We Are Kickball // Short Film Trailer

We Are Kickball

Two opposing church members challenge each other to an absurd kickball game to recruit an outsider to their side of the pews.

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Trophy Boy // Daily Short Pick

Trophy Boy

TROPHY BOY depicts the downward spiral of James – a spoiled narcissist, who believes his own social media profile without question. He is without doubt a beautiful boy. He also seems to have it all. But, just before his 30th birthday he is dumped by his wealthy benefactor. James now[…]

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Coming Home Puppet // Short Film Trailer

Coming Home Puppet

Bonnie has a summer she’ll never forget when the love of her life goes to war and comes back a changed man.

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Cakewalk // Daily Short Picks


When sugar-crazed Zach is caught eating a decadent lunch, he is forced to face his demons… and his roommate. Based on a true incident, Cake Walk is a comedy about vice, vulnerability and redemption. Seen through the eyes of a man trying to change a negative pattern in his life,[…]

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Comeback Kid // Featured Short

Comeback Kid

Young Hugh is haunted by a past life’s desires in this tale of reincarnation, revenge and lost love. So simple, yet incredibly twisted. The ‘Comeback Kid‘ is a haunting little comedy film directed by Ian Robertson as a graduation film from the National Film and Television School in the UK.[…]

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Trashbag Dickheads // Daily Short Picks

trashbag dickheads

“Trashbag dickheads” is a short film about the plight of the modern independent filmmaker. We are constantly submitting our films to contests, films festivals, and film sites (not unlike this one). The film explores the self-loathing, dependency, and anger we feel as we impatiently wait for a “yes” that rarely[…]

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