The Brownlist // Daily Short Picks

The Brownlist

directed by Kelly Walker and Ryan Garcia The Brownlist: one girl’s journey to becoming diverse…enough The Brownlist is a comedic satire about race and how the entertainment industry views “diversity”. It’s the story of a girl blessed with two races but seemingly not enough of either to fit in. Creator’s[…]

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Marital Arts // Daily Short Picks

Marital Arts

Carlo and Claudia are a married couple in the midst of a heated argument about a possible infidelity but have agreed that neither of them can leave the bedroom until it is resolved. A short film about the art of marriage (and cinema). Director’s Statement As someone who has been[…]

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Teeth and Pills // Daily Short Picks

Teeth and Pills

Randy, 8 years old, starts on a mission to lose as many teeth as possible after he finds a Barbie instead of a dollar under his pillow.Meanwhile, his mom is planning the party of a lifetime. As the party unfolds in a series of absurd events, Randy gets more and[…]

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Buzz // Featured Short


A codependent woman’s life is disrupted when her servile best friend wants to move out of their isolated mountain home to be with a man. She hatches an unusual plan to ensure she will never be alone. Standard relationships take a bizarre twisted turn in this comedic short from the[…]

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Have It All // Daily Short Picks

Have It All

Have It All is the true story of one meeting, one baby, and one big myth. In this five-minute action comedy, a simple phone call is enough to catapult Jill down an impossible path until she discovers that the real enemy she’s up against…is expectation. Director’s Statement I’m a writer/director/actress,[…]

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Cut The Cord // Daily Short Picks

Cut The Cord

A young woman is forced to lay down the painful truth about the reality of a toxic friendship. Cut The Cord is the second film in a three part anthology series. Centred around our main heroine ‘Her’ these vignettes explore the awkward consequences that emerge in moments of truth. Director’s[…]

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Extra Toppings // Daily Short Picks

Extra Toppings

Meet Jo, a young ambitious pizza driver who gets more than she bargains for when pulled into a feud between two rival pizza shops. Director’s Statement Extra Toppings is a story Brian Caputo and Alex Backstrom have wanted to tell for years. Both of them spent their teen years slinging[…]

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Stage Fright // Daily Short Picks

Stage Fright

A man struggles to pee on a boozy night out, then a stranger offers him a hand. Director’s Statement Men’s bathrooms (especially in bars and clubs) are strange, claustrophobic spaces, full of a weird kind of machismo. Many a time I’ve felt like an absolute lemon wedged in between two[…]

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The Killer // Daily Short Picks

The Killer

The set of a horror movie is delayed when its lead actor fails to deliver a pivotal line.

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We Know Where You Live // Daily Short Picks

We Know Where You Live

When a Mexican American couple moves into a trendy, gentrifying LA neighborhood, two hipsters invite themselves over to offer a “warm welcome.” But as the night goes on, it’s clear these neighbors are not what they seem: cold pressed, cold brewed, and cold blooded. Director’s Statement I live in Los[…]

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