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A devout Nazi oversees a group of taste testers for Hitler

Creating any type of film with any historical connotation is a gutsy move, creating one about Nazis is downright courageous. ‘Guest of Honor’ is a high-strung tension breezer from director Justin Robinson about a devout Nazi overseeing a group of taste testers for Hitler. Shot in black and white, the film’s rawness drives the heavy narrative filled with marking performances.

I first learned about Hitler’s taste testers in October, 2014 and the idea haunted me ever since. A world where every meal could be your last kept me up many nights for many drafts. Four years later, I got the script to a place I could start from. Thankfully, Ryan Connolly at Film Riot dug the script and came on board to help get the film made. The making of this film is not only a testament to our love for movies, but our love for one another. Filmmakers championing filmmakers.

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