One night of partying in the most violent city in the world: Caracas, Venezuela.

Shot with a phone, viewed from a phone, the protagonists live and die by their phones, in a place where human life is valued less than of a phone. ‘Autocannibalism‘ is the new collaboration between Finnish electronic music artist Aku Raski, known by his stage name Huoratron and French director Cédric Blaisbois. The artists have worked together in the past, in 2011, Cédric directed Corporate Occult, a music video, critically acclaimed and seen more than 2 million times. In 2016, it was ranked as “the scariest, goriest, freakiest, most intense music video ever” By Billboard Magazine. ‘Autocannibalism‘ is a track from Huoratron’s album ‘XXVI Crimes of Love’ that the artist totally re-invented and re-composed for this short film.

Autocannibalism is the short film you must see for an understanding of the daily situation of Venezuela, socially and politically, with 60 deaths by firearms per day. “The Venezuelan Cannibalism.”

R-16, the story is told from the point of view of an iphone, including apps like Instagram Live and Stories, Whatsapp conversations, etc. The whole piece creates a feeling of realism in the mind of the viewer like a documentary. Shot in half Spanish / half English language, Autocannibalism voluntarily has no subtitles, matching with the social media « Tower of Babel » experimental storytelling, without taking anything from its understanding.