Say Cheese // Daily Short Picks

Say Cheese

Jessa finds pictures of herself, on her phone, taken while she was asleep. The mystery surrounding these pictures unravels as she confronts her boyfriend. Director’s Statement For Say Cheese, I wanted to challenge myself on keeping the audience’s attention, maintaining the suspense, but revealing only very little and slowly. I[…]

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Connectivity Lost || Daily Short Picks

Connectivity Lost

New technology makes our lives easier and amazes us with the arising possibilities. However it can also make us an alligator’s lunch! Better play it safe! I directed the short film “Connectivity Lost” as a statement for not using your mobile device as a substitute for common sense. Slavishly following[…]

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Daily Short Picks | Man in a Phone

Man in Phone

An experimental short about a Japanese man who mysteriously wakes up inside of his phone and is forced to confront the destruction his addiction to technology has wreaked on his life.

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Daily Short Picks | The Life and Death of an iPhone

The Life & Death of an iPhone

“The Life and Death of an iPhone” is shot and edited entirely on the iPhone about what it’s like to be an iPhone. Seen entirely from the phone’s point-of-view beginning from its inception through its life… death… and ultimately its reincarnation. A sometimes ugly reflections of our relationship with technology.

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Film Shortage Design Update

What’s New on Film Shortage’s New Design Update?

As you may have noticed last week, Film Shortage looked a little different with an all new design update. Sometimes people can get scared of change, but we’re here to tell you that there’s absolutely nothing to worry about – every single change has been made with you in mind.[…]

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Poem to a Daughter | Daily Short Picks

Poem to a Daughter

Cinema is an art form that I believe can be living, breathing, poetry. Poem to a Daughter is meant to feel like the manifestation of poetry. As the sunsets on the dying father, a young woman remembers him. This entire short was filmed on my iPhone 6 + as an[…]

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Do cameras steal a part of our souls? Kenny Halloway has been fascinated with cameras since he was a little boy. He has never actually taken a picture, however, because of his misguided mother’s fear of one’s soul being captured on a piece of paper for eternity. Kenny has seen[…]

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Belly of the Beast

Photographer Markus Andersen doggedly pursues not merely cool images but great images. Sydney, Australia is his canvas – he calls it the belly of the beast. His art practice encompasses documentary, street and conceptual bodies of work using analogue 35mm, 120 film and the iPhone as his capture mediums.This video[…]

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Monomyth is an 11 part series made over 6 years, shot 16mm (and a small amount on an iPhone), it’s silent and quite weird/obscure. Watch Monomyth Part 2 See the entire series here

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