[ UNUM ] (lat.”one”) discovers the singularity of life.

Beginning with a carnal prologue between man and woman, the figurative journey continues with a lone huntsman at a cave. Accompanied by his loyal dog the huntsman delivers delicate honey to a shady merchant – as a single drop of the sweet nectar releases the furies of fate.

Back then when Michael and I were awarded for our experimental film ( NULL ) – where the whole story unfolds in a strict circle – we knew if we ever do a sequel, we want it also to be also in an unorthodox format. After 0 comes 1, so the vertical format was set. Besides the interesting visual challenges, we wanted the format to be crucial for a story. The initial idea was to revolve everything around three drops – sperm, honey and blood, representative for birth, life and death.

It’s rare that we encourage a film to be watched on a mobile phone, but [ UNUM ] certainly has the proportions to be fully enjoyable in the palm of your hand. But don’t be fooled, this little piece is as cinematic as it can be, shot completely on a Sony F55 camera mounted sideways. [ UNUM ] is inventive and dynamic, a wild experience that will take you on an unpredicted journey.

Besides some digital extensions, we build a lot ourselves in the studio, as well worked with miniature sets. Our goal was to be up for the challenge, depart from any smartphone connotation and approach a visual language that should remind of classic paintings. So to speak, make the vertical format cinematic.

They say shooting sex scenes and with animals is the hardest thing to do, and since I’m not directing as much (cause I am focusing on my editing career) I wanted to turn up the difficulty right away.