A story about overcoming fear with courage and the transcendent quality of Native American rituals

DONOMA digs into a realm of mysticism and its unique connection with nature and the cosmos. We find ourselves following a young boy on his vision quest to exit the youth and find power within the Beyond to start the next chapter of life. The film, directed by Evan Spencer Brace, relies heavily on the visual experience to tell the transcending story. Sit back and enjoy.

When I was a small boy my grandmother would tell me about her grandmother and what she used to tell her about her own history of growing up. The stories of my passed generation became somewhat encased in lore. Hearing about the Trail of Tears and the courage my great great grandparents had sparked images. These were stories that inflamed an accent of mystery to my own life. I’d dig for more answers, look into archives and ancestry documents. I was exploring an unknown world. I then thought I could contribute to this dialogue my grandmother shared with me as a kid. Keep the story alive and build onto my bloodline.

DONOMA is a story my grandmother would tell me and my siblings about what it means to have Faith. To trust and to have courage when you can’t see in the darkness. I wanted to move the story into a realm of poetry or at least aim toward that ambition. It’s a universal story with a specific perspective, but we can see that we are all trying to move toward that next passage of potential and harmony with the spirit. I believe American Indian teachings are misinterpreted by western thought when it comes to spiritual identity. After a lot of research and meetings with Native American historians and tribal leaders, my views transformed and began implementing the beauty of these traditions into the film. I hope viewers feel something unexpected and mysterious when they watch the film.