A story of weight within us.

A stunning visual film by Sava Zivkovic (IFCC 2017, Bounty Hunt – A Star Wars Fan Film). Watch the gruelling process below and see the complete detailed project on Behance.

FREIGHT started out as a pitch for a client project. We were tasked with creating a short film that could demonstrate the capabilities of an upcoming real-time ray tracing technology. There were no creative limitations, everything regarding the story or the art direction was left to us, which at time seemed like a dream project finally coming to fruition.

We’ve assembled the core team of longtime friends and collaborators, Milan NIkolic, Nebojsa Jez and myself, and developed the pitch for the project, consisting of the script, character concept art and a detailed previz, as well as some keyframe renders. A pretty strong start for any project. Unfortunately due to many variables the client couldn’t proceed with the project, which left us with a completely developed idea, one that we felt really strongly about, but without client funding to produce it.

Since the three of us felt incredibly passionate about the story we’ve crafted, and since we owned the rights to the IP, we decided to yet again take the plunge into the unknown and fund and produce the project ourselves.