The morning after a casual one-nighter with an older woman, Gina scrolls through her Facebook feed, only to discover that the person in bed beside her is the epitome of everything she loathes in this world.

Director’s Statement

To be honest, our original intention with WAFFLES was to film something that could serve as a director’s reel. My husband (writer/editor Brian Leahy) had this smart, juicy short, originally 10 or 15 pages in length with a more complex story, which he chopped down to a quick, manageable 4 minutes. At this length, we were able to shoot the entire film in a single day… in a single room in the Hollywood Hills… at a super low budget and a crew of 4. We submitted it for a few festivals on a whim and landed a world premiere at Inside Out in Toronto. Since then, it has screened at over 20 festivals around the globe, including Hong Kong, Zurich, Sydney, and Mumbai. It has been a totally unexpected whirlwind of a journey. People seem to respond to the film for the same reason I was first drawn to the script: In this tense, politically charged era we’re living in, not even our most intimate relationships are protected. While the film certainly tackles hypocrisy and modern sexuality, it’s also very much about this one moment between these two strangers and choosing whether or not to confront those who threaten our very existence.