W.H.O. is turning off all kind of medicine to reduce earth population and save human kind and planet

Intensity, chills and a wide open view of what our potential Tomorrow can be. Created by Kuba Michalczuk and steaming inspiration from the 30 day Musicbed Challenge, we were quite surprised to learn that the film was shot over two days with only a few days of post production. The concept is based on feature film screenplay Kuba is working on with his friend Łukasz Stachniak. The idea was to create a prolog / proof of concept to the story, which happen 5 years after the events in the short.

Main idea was based on reports we can read every day about earth condition and what will happened in next 30years if we won’t react. Tomorrow is one of the saddest scenarios. When government have no choice but to safe the human kind and planet they need to make some actions. Turning off medicine and making drugs etc illegal sounds like fair decision. Nature will decide who lives who dies. On that point it’s more fair than killing 4 billions people. Thought choice but there is no other way if human kind want survive. This decision affect almost every family in the world. So I decide to focus on simply stories of people. In story we have also strong place for church. In new world people will turn to God again looking for answers and miracles.

With such a tight schedule, Kuba and his team still managed to create an intense visual experience that resonates through the audience. Besides the buzzing soundtrack and the defining storyline, the film’s photography also added much to the drama with an epic look: something that was very important to Kuba.

We used Alexa XT with E series anamorphic. Thanks to Panavision Poland and AllForMovies which helped us a lot with camera equipment. Still it was super low budget project but there was no chance for quality compromise. It’s why went for the E series, little vintage look. For day one we have to cameras. One was handheld and second was on steady cam. First day was more dynamic. Church, fighting police scene, horses etc. For second day we have one camera because it was mainly small scenes. Speech was mainly static camera. We also use slider but finally use only static shots to increase power of this part. On this day we have protest scene – in final edit it’s one shot only but somehow I love it how it is, without sound and in slow motion – the only slow mo we have.