A couple torn apart by the loss of their unborn child. Sara is now in a new home and is having to self isolate while her husband Greg – an NHS nurse – is on the front line, fighting the pandemic. When Greg drops off Sara’s belongings, isolation creates an unlikely setting for a breakthrough.

Director’s Statement

Like many filmmakers in lockdown, this has been an unnerving time for myself and many of my creative colleagues. As an exercise, I wanted to take the latest shooting guidelines/ restrictions, and shoot a short film to demonstrate production and creativity is still possible beyond shooting solely on phones and Zoom!

I was keen to tell a story in a lockdown setting rather than a story ‘about’ lockdown. The idea of people grieving differently and the wedge it can cause in relationships was a theme I’ve wanted to explore for a while. I wrote a script that could utilise some existing footage from short films I’ve made (about 8% of the final duration), leaving just a few key scenes to shoot in a domestic environment that I’ve been self-isolating in with my wife, the lead actress.

One of the challenges I wanted to take on, was that everything I have been reading from producers says that the two most problematic scenes are fight scenes and romantic/ intimate scenes – due to new social distancing rules. I therefore took on one of these challenges – a sensitive scene between a couple – and found a creative solution to achieve this.

I pulled together a talented skeleton crew of three with two actors (5 people total). I had the art director from Killing Eve on FaceTime looking after the set remotely and each crew member wore many hats (and masks!)

It was a challenging experience but ultimately rewarding for everyone involved and I’m thrilled with the strong performances we captured.