Ray sees some strange forms outside. Does she have a mental disease? Synesthesia? Or Aliens?

We’ve been praising films made in quarantine since the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown. But James F. Coton‘s ‘Day 48’ shapes up to be one of our favourites. The story banks on the real life events and builds a much larger narrative around it from the point of view of a young woman. Ray sees strange colors that form outside, but as she starts to believe in something much larger, her entourage start to cast a smear of doubt in her mind. Is she crazy? Is it Synesthesia? Or maybe even Aliens? While films told through personal medias are becoming a new trend, ‘Day 48’ holds a unique narrative due to its relatability, as well as its confined filmmaking conditions.

We wanted to stay creative during the quarantine lockdown. We used the idea of staying at home to create the story. My wife told me at the beginning, may be it’s no true, may be it’s a military training for all over the world (it was a joke)… and the idea came. We wanted tell a simple story with what we have and the uses of devices during the lockdown.

After we did it everybody at home remotely. It was not easy about the internet connection. I needed two laptops for sharing screens of the actors with the app Zoom.

And after editing and doing all the post at home the evening and night because the day it was less possible with kid at home.

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