Halloween Week

Omar and Anna used to run a year-run haunted house, but the pandemic has forced them to rebrand as a drive-thru haunted house. As they await their SBA loan approval, they struggle to adjust to their new business model and keep their small spooky business afloat.

Director’s Statement

We are a real-life couple and creative partners based in Brooklyn, NY. As we were holed up in our 400 sq ft studio apartment with our cat for months, we decided we wanted to tell a new story about this pandemic that audiences hadn’t seen yet. We love horror and comedy, and we saw an opportunity to marry the two elements during these unprecedented times. We are continually inspired by deadpan comedies and mockumentaries like People Just Do Nothing, and wanted to create a story in the same vein where audiences can’t help but root for our undeterred, weirdo protagonists. That’s how we decided to create Spooky Town.