We are proud to release a short film we have been working on for the last few weeks. It is a film about isolation made in isolation.

The idea behind the film originated before the outbreak of pandemic when we embarked on a training exercise to get the team integrating the latest technologies. We were going to do something with dancers and create a love story but Covid-19 made it impossible.

Having worked regularly with Notch, a motion graphics and VFX software, we decided to try and pair this knowledge with something new to us: the Noitom motion graphics suit called the Perception Neuron.

After spending time formulating and storyboarding the film, we had the Noitom suit delivered to one of their visual artists, Ed Vosper at his home. Vosper recorded his part of the action in isolation, then delivered the kit to his colleague, Iina Kuula’s doorstep as part of his daily exercise. From there, Kuula was able to finish capturing the action. The whole team at Studio Giggle then worked hard over a few days, developing the graphics and evolving the story.