Virtaus // Short Film Trailer


A young woman, Iris, finds herself in a foreign city all alone, haunted by her past. She wanders the empty streets, until she meets a young man, Niko, who tries to dig deeper into her bleak past. VIRTAUS is a Finnish short film made by a passionate team of young[…]

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Are You Wild Like Me // Daily Short Picks

Are You Wild Like Me?

A string of missing person cases plague a small New England town. Could they be related to the infant girl who disappeared in the woods nine years prior? Director’s Statement About 3 years ago, I was listening to the song Bros by the North London band Wolf Alice in my[…]

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Happy Anniversary // Daily Short Picks

Happy Anniversary

On the morning of their anniversary, Marcus is called out to work. Joan is at home all alone… or is she? Directors Statement The film was created from a last-ditch effort script idea we had during the 48 hour film festival. We stayed up the whole night before trying to[…]

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Alfred J Hemlock // Daily Short Picks

Alfred J Hemlock

When Emily’s boyfriend abandons her in the night, her only way home is through an alleyway where she is terrorized by the mysterious entity Alfred J Hemlock. Director’s Statement When I was a young boy my mother told me the story of how one night she had been chased home[…]

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Writer's Block // Daily Short Picks

Writer’s Block

A writer suffering from writer’s block travels to a cabin in the woods to clear her head. Chaos ensues when her things start to go missing. Official Selection: Upstate NY Horror Film Festival 2018, Seneca Film Festival 2018, The Brightside Film Festival 2018, Roselle Park Short Film Festival 2018, New[…]

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The Bed // Daily Short Picks

The Bed

The bed is an introspective short film where apparently not much happens. It tells the story of a man; over one night and in one location – his house. The protagonist can’t sleep and throughout the film, we try to understand why – what is going on with this man?[…]

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Transmission // Daily Short Pick


Welcome To Britannia. Together We Stand Alone. Director’s Statement TRANSMISSION was written during the height of the refugee crisis as a warning against the anticipated rise in British nationalism, which had been catalyzed by financial austerity and growing hysteria surrounding terrorism. We suspected people would sacrifice their freedoms on the[…]

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Grandma's House // Daily Short Picks

Grandma’s House

An old woman. Alone. At night. Director’s Statement I liked the idea of restricting a Hollywood movie’s worth of stunts, thrills and spectacle to about thirty yards of floor space. Instead of focusing on the big moments — explosions, jumps, crashes — I set out to create and sustain tension[…]

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Trespass // Daily Short Picks


A young woman returns home alone at night and discovers a mysterious figure in her bedroom.

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