With too much time to sit and think, some very real worries arise for a woman stuck home alone during lockdown.

Director’s Statement

I came across an article about a young woman from a big family who had moved into her own apartment in a new city just before lockdown started in March 2020. She had never been so totally alone before. She started developing fears about the most mundane activities in case something happened to her and she couldn’t let anyone know. This seemed a little extreme, until I mentioned the story to some friends. One friend takes her phone into the shower with her so she can call an ambulance if she slips. Another friend has a daily check in call with her mum, just to make sure they’re both still alive. I wondered, what would I be concerned about if I were home alone?

Jad Saabi and I put this film together over the course of a few very long, very messy days. It’s an interesting process making a film without an extra pair of hands to help with anything! Thankfully we had the help of Jad’s brother on the last day when the two of us couldn’t physically be in three places at once and still manually turn a light to create a day to night lighting shift. We live in a tiny apartment and had to move from scene to scene slowly, moving what seemed like a mountain of extra furniture and household objects from one corner to another. We used our plants to diffuse the lights and shot totally MOS because our cat was shrieking the whole time.

The beautiful sound design you hear is the work of the incredibly talented Brian Mullany who was not at all daunted by the task of creating foley for EVERYTHING!

All in all, quarantine tested us in ways we couldn’t have foreseen, and this little film is a testament to a very strange time in all of our lives.