A mysterious airborne pandemic causes a Mother and Daughter to become deathly sensitive to sunlight.

Director’s Vision

For this film, I wanted to make something that reflected the times we are going through right now, but with enough of a distance that it wouldn’t feel too real or opportunistic. I’ve worked with Bella (the Daughter character) before on a few films, and she always delivers a phenomenal performance, whatever the subject matter or idea. What I didn’t realise is how awesome her Mum is at acting, and the fact that we were able to use both of them together (they currently live together in a bubble) really helped anchor the more emotional, affecting scenes. To keep things safe, we worked with only a three-person crew, including DoP Terrence Wilkins who I have been desperate to work with for over a year, and one of my best friends Bryony who knows more about horror than anyone I know. We all doubled up (even tripled up) on roles, including some very last-minute art direction and me learning how to do a little bit of SFX makeup for a week before the shoot. I’m really proud and happy of how it turned out.