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We accept videos from Vimeo and YouTube, stuck between the two? Our Vimeo vs YouTube article will help you out. If you’re using any other platform send us your link, but we cannot guarantee your film will work on our site.

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We love short films, more importantly we love watching them! Send us your films, we promise we will take the time to watch each submitted short with great attention. Our team will carefully select the short films we believe will have a great story to tell, or is just simply mind-blowing. We are only able to feature a small percentage of the many submitted shorts, but we try to expose as many deserving shorts as we can with our must-watch Daily Short Picks and Vimeo Channel. With the thousands of films received it is impossible to please everyone, filmmaking can be a harsh competitive field, but there are no bad films or failures, only exponential learning curves!

What Are We Looking For?

Short Films

Film Shortage’s main focus will be the ‘Featured Short‘. What does your film need to be featured? Simply enough it needs to be good! We like well scripted stories, and we like them even better if they are well shot! Although we encourage narrative shorts, we will accept any type of short film if we think it is exceptional. We accept shorts of any budget category, but strongly encourage the low-budget productions. Films should preferably be under 20 minutes.

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We love trailers! If you have a trailer for your short film, send it to us we will post it on our ‘Short Trailers‘ page. Our goal is to help you promote your film as much as we can, trailers are a great way to give your viewers a tease.

Québec Short Films

Being based in Montréal, we strongly encourage shorts that are made in Québec or by a Québecois (in any languange). Submit us your short and we will feature it in our ‘Films de chez nous‘ section. These shorts could also be selected as main features.

Crowdfunding Projects

Crowdfunding is becoming an essential part of short films, where more and more directors and producers are turning to the crowds to gather more funding for their project. We now feature crowdfunding projects that we really dig!

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