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A Bump in the Head // Daily Short Picks

A three part short movie that flows through different music videos from Matthew and The Arrogant Sea’s latest album, ‘The Glooms Pt.1’ Director’s Statement It was a truly unforgettable and dreamlike experience making this project with Matthew and The Arrogant Sea. They were (and still are) my favorite band growing[…]

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Hope // Daily Short Picks

NO ZOMBIE IS PERFECT A senseless wandering ghoul roaming the world full of the hunger-less undead and hateful humans will soon discover a craving, leaving him completely and utterly without hope. After a mysterious disease struck society, poor Karl, like the rest of his kind, became one of the many[…]

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Come Back to Me // Daily Short Picks

Come Back To Me, follows the relationship between a mother and her son, from infancy to adulthood. The mom, a deployed 20-year veteran soldier, questions the balance between serving her country and raising her son. Director’s Statement I’ve read the headline, “Deadliest Mass shooting in U.S. History “ three times[…]

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Green River // Daily Short Picks

1984. Small town USA. Over 40 women are dead. Troubled by the death of her close friend, Rebecca’s grief quickly manifests into a morbid series of encounters and uninvited guests. Green River – Part Two is a surreal, fictional adaptation of the events surrounding Gary Ridgway – The Green River[…]

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Hummingbird in The Trenches // Daily Short Pick

Hummingbirds in the Trenches is a short documentary about the life of author/spoken word poet, Kondwani Fidel. It is as much about him as it is about Baltimore. In loving memory of Fidel Kondwani Russell & Raysharde “Deek” Sinclair Directors Statement Hummingbirds in the Trenches is the most important film[…]

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Common Structure // Daily Short Picks

With a possible singularity on the horizon, two friends bound by curiosity and companionship embark on a dangerous journey towards its alluring core. Surreal and impulsive; their journey is tested by their changing priorities. When one challenges the other, we begin to realize that their reality may not be exactly[…]

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Sleep // Daily Short Picks

In an atmosphere of constant abuse a woman has to take care of her baby and her sick father. A sudden tragedy followed by the lack of sleep shatters her mental state. Director’s Statement I read the short story by Chekov when I was very young. It was part of[…]

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Soror // Daily Short Pick

Soror is a poignant drama that explores the lives and relationships of two half-sisters; Grace, insular and shy but a talented dancer; and Lisa, who dreams of escaping the confines of their upbringing. The close relationship shared by the sisters is the most important part of their lives; the only[…]

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