Resistance // Daily Short Picks


Everyone of us knows the struggle Steve goes through: You got THE idea! You want to work it out! But a notorious friend sneaks back into your life. Will Steve find a way to survive this battle?

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Little Lost Girl // Daily Short Picks

Little Girl Lost

Little Girl Lost is an experimental film exploring the nature of transitioning from one state of being to another. This could be perceived in a literal living and non-living approach or it could be perceived on a much smaller scale. Or a much, much larger one. Through following the journey[…]

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Beyond The Rainbow // Daily Short Picks

Beyond The Rainbow

Behind the Rainbow is a three minute experimental film. It’s told through the voice of a woman who loves the Gay community and thought she belonged. She was mistaken. When she looked deeper she saw the scars the LGBTQ community carry. We see her perspective as regular Gay men transform[…]

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Solibet // Daily Short Pick


Solibet, a short experimental documentary on young boxer Rahma Soliman. ‘Solibet’ focuses on the themes of identity and belonging and what it means to be a woman in Australia.

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More of The Same Tomorrow // Daily Short Picks

More of the Same Tomorrow

“More of the Same Tomorrow” is an independent, self-funded, straight from the heart exercise in filmmaking, spearheaded by English filmmaker Ben Lankester and Swedish artist David Hedberg. Director’s Statement Attempting to bridge the gap between music video and short film, our aim was to tell a single story that would[…]

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Pandora's Box // Daily Short Pick

Pandora’s Box

Pandora’s Box is an alternate definition of the greek myth surrounding Pandora and the container/box she is given. This reawakening envisions Pandora releasing time itself to rule as the cause, evil being the effect. Answering the curse of this relentless flow of less time, we are forced to save and[…]

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Dreamland // Daily short Picks


A man becomes entwined in a battle between light and dark. A dance performance by Paul Vickers, based on a poem by Lewis Carroll.

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A Bump in the Head // Daily Short Picks

A bump on the head in three parts.

A three part short movie that flows through different music videos from Matthew and The Arrogant Sea’s latest album, ‘The Glooms Pt.1’ Director’s Statement It was a truly unforgettable and dreamlike experience making this project with Matthew and The Arrogant Sea. They were (and still are) my favorite band growing[…]

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They Can't Hear You // Short Film Trailer

They Can’t Hear You

A young woman is held captive, bound, and given an ultimatum by her captor – find a way to escape in only a few minutes, or be killed.

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The Eyes of The Others // Daily Short Picks

The Eyes Of Others

Virginia Woolf wrote: ‘The eyes of others our prisons; their thoughts our cages’ Between our slavish devotion to smart-phones and the messages they contain, there are few among us who feel happy with how these interactions pan out. Activities that used to be ends in their own right, have become[…]

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