[ UNUM ] // Featured Short

[ UNUM ]

[ UNUM ] (lat.”one”) discovers the singularity of life. Beginning with a carnal prologue between man and woman, the figurative journey continues with a lone huntsman at a cave. Accompanied by his loyal dog the huntsman delivers delicate honey to a shady merchant – as a single drop of the[…]

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This Is Battlefield // Daily Short Picks

This Is Battlefield

Battlefield is known for massive moments of scale. Destruction, online operations, and war stories. The trailers are meticulously crafted – from cinematics to online gameplay where every player is an actor that is being directed to do a specific action. But what would it be like if you didn’t coordinate[…]

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Cruel Perfection // Short Film Trailer

Cruel Perfection

A desperate actress tries an extreme new beauty product when she becomes obsessed with a young celebrity on social media. Premiering on Film Shortage January 23rd!

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Kinsetsu // Daily Short Picks


Kinsetsu, a short fictive macro sci-fi journey to planet nine. All footage was shot using live action and practical effects, no cgi involved.

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Pesada Pluma // Daily Short Picks

Pesada Pluma (Heavy Pen)

On the afternoon of 16 October 2014 Paraguayan journalist Pablo Medina was shot and killed in his car by two men dressed as soldiers while heading back from a report in a remote border town in the province of Canindeyú, Paraguay. For years he had faced threats from criminal groups[…]

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Different / Sleep // Daily Short Picks

Different / Sleep

With dancers as our guides, we are taken on an exploratory journey through a strange, enigmatic house, encountering glimpses of those who have lived there, past and present. As different scenes and stories unfold, we begin to experience the dark beauty of a space both empty and inhabited. This short,[…]

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Attraction // Daily Short Pick


“Attraction” explores the unspoken desires of two women through their quiet glances before venturing into a hypnotic realm as they are overwhelmed by their feelings, communicating a moment so fleeting that it feels irreverent. However a moment that will live on in their minds and remind them, “what if?”

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Afterword // Featured Short


Approaching the microphone in a small room, a young woman prepares to make the speech of her life. Desperate to find her voice in the wake of an ended relationship, she resorts to sharing any piece of advice she can muster. Her reflection on their differences strikes up an imaginary[…]

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The Earth is Blue Like an Orange // Daily Short Picks

The Earth is Blue like an Orange

I’ve done this little film based upon the poem by french surrealist poet Paul Éluard “La Terre est bleue comme une orange”, from his collection of poems “L’Amour la poésie” published in 1929. I’ve tried to interpret Éluard’s words along a colorimetry scientific trial. So blue is in fact the[…]

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Transmission // Daily Short Pick


Welcome To Britannia. Together We Stand Alone. Director’s Statement TRANSMISSION was written during the height of the refugee crisis as a warning against the anticipated rise in British nationalism, which had been catalyzed by financial austerity and growing hysteria surrounding terrorism. We suspected people would sacrifice their freedoms on the[…]

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