Polymorphia // Short Film Trailer


Klaus Flue is a vegan man who suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder. He is obsessed with his cheating wife Eileen who left him. Klaus takes medication to shut down his inner-voice Serling that persuades him to do bad things. After a long journey in this surrealistic day he discovers that[…]

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Pulsar // Short Film Trailer


A Peacemaker, who rejects his final mission to save an endangered planet, is believed to be cursed when a solar storm hits his spaceship.

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Sette Pizze // Daily Short Picks

Sette pizze

Sara, a pizza delivery girl, falls into a world of wonders, fiction and deadly dangers. Director’s Statement “Sette pizze” is a manifesto of obsession for Alfred Hitchcock and a personal quest for “pure cinema”.

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UB-13 // Daily Short Picks


A short film set in a German WWI submarine. Following the misjudgement of its ambitious young captain, a WWI U-boat is forced to wait for a prolonged period on the bottom of the North Sea, facing the threat of enemy torpedo ships. This will cause unprecedented physical and mental challenges[…]

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Bonnie // Daily Short Picks


An elite secret agent must seduce a target in order to secure some vital documents.

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Come In // Halloween Week

Come In

A horror short about letting the wrong person in on a rainy night.

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Invoke / Killer Date // Halloween Week

Invoke / Killer Date

Invoke A young woman woman unknowingly unleashes an evil spirit in her home. Killer Date A popular online blogger thinks he’s going on a routine blind date thanks to the new dating app he’s been using. But his next date could be his last…

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A PSA For Teenage Girls On Halloween

A PSA For Teenage Girls On Halloween

After a rash of deaths occurred last Halloween, we were commissioned to make a short film that highlights the dangers involved with an old myth that’s become popular among teens. Director’s Statement This film is based on a little known myth I read about a few years back. We changed[…]

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Ayuda // Halloween Week


When two day laborers are picked up for work, they quickly realize that their new employer may be hiding a deadly secret.

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