Landmark // Daily Short Pick


Beauty and the Bit is a world-renowned architectural communication firm and Landmark is our first serious animation short film. It is a Project made with the intention of exploring other languages in architectural animation. It is our attempt to add emotional content, strong storytelling and art direction to it. We[…]

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Fire on The Second Floor // Daily Short Picks

Fire On The Second Floor

A socially isolated man struggles with his morality as he listens to a husband abuse his wife in the apartment above. Director’s Statement This story was conceptualised around the idea that you don’t really ever know who’s watching. We have a love for old cinema and the way narration was[…]

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Dolly // Short Film Trailer


A moody eight-year-old girl must combat the strange influence a mysterious doll has over her lonely, single father in order to save her little family of two…

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The Woodcutter // Daily Short Picks

The Woodcutter

Questioning the cursed 1930’s film reel in their possession, a couple discover it’s true horrors when they screen ‘The Woodcutter’.

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So I Watch You From Afar // Short Film Trailer

So I Watch You From Afar

A family is terrorized by a drone that starts surveilling their property, pushing them to the brink of sanity and unearthing a dark secret.

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A father and daughter enjoy a day at the park. A perfectly innocent moment, until it’s not.

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Blood Bullet // Daily Short Pick

Blood Bullet

For over 70 years Clair’s family’s secret have been unknown. That is, until her grandmother, on her death bed, reveals there is a body buried under the tree in the back yard with a bullet hole in it’s head. Word travels fast, and an investigator slowly untangles the pieces which[…]

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The Hilltop // Short Film Trailer

The Hilltop

In 1900s rural New Zealand two police officers hunt down a wanted criminal for the horrific murder of his wife and child. Upon finding him they realize he is not the animal they imagined and start to discover that there is more to the story. With night falling and the[…]

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Paloma // Daily Short Picks


Conflicted by his friends’ varying philosophies on how to move on from terrible things, Mateo struggles between wanting to heal peacefully or by seeking revenge on his abuser.

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Edisto Island // Short Film Trailer

Edisto Island

Edisto Island is about a young teen who is faced with horror, while waking up on a secluded island after taking his own life. The film depicts in an experimental way what life is like after one commits suicide. Himself and everyone he meets has to relive their past life[…]

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