Overtime // Featured Short Film


Stuck at the office working overtime, Ralph must race home before nightfall… or his terrible secret will be let loose. If your planning on working overtime this week, this will make you change your mind. Might also teach you to keep a safe distance to someone who’s been working long[…]

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Shepherd // Short Film Trailer


After the disappearance, and suspected death of the local pastor’s wife, Thomas steps away from ministry and retreats into isolation, not knowing this would cause even greater troubles.

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Meet Cute // Daily Short Picks

Meet Cute

Meet Cute is a spin on the traditional boy meets girl. Polly discovers a man breaking in to her car. The police interview Polly and soon discover that the events surrounding the break in aren’t so clear cut. Starring Loreece Harrison (Black Mirror)

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Bite // Daily Short Pick


Rejected from yet another audition, a dancer heads back to her rehearsal space late at night. But when her reflection takes on a terrifying life of its own, she must try to conquer her self-doubt before it devours her completely. Bite is a short film from writer/director Jack Pirie starring[…]

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The Forgotten // Daily Short Picks

The Forgotten

“The Forgotten” is a Short Horror Film about a young woman visiting her childhood home for the summer while away at college, only to come face to face with the loss of her sister, and something that lives in the woods… Director’s Note I can’t thank the entire cast and[…]

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The Fringe of Existence // Short Film Trailer

The Fringe of Existence

On the verge of death, a woman awakens only to find herself trapped in the unlikeliest of places. She must race time to find her way back to where it all started before it’s too late.

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Stuck working overtime at the office, Ralph must get home fast before nightfall… or his terrible secret will be let loose.

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Violet // Daily Short Picks


A psychological thriller about a woman who is paranoid that her boyfriend is cheating on her, but when she forces herself out of her shell, she realizes it is her alter-ego. Director’s Statement The mental and emotional state of humans is a very internal process and one that we can[…]

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A Peculiar Thud // Daily Short Pick

A Peculiar Thud

Based on actual events, Billy wakes up in the middle of the night to find a man at his door asking to come in – and he won’t take no for an answer. Director’s statement May my trauma be your entertainment. A Peculiar Thud is a short thriller based on[…]

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