Ghost in My House // Short Film Trailer

Ghost in My House

A story about demon, called Kasdeya, which hundreds of years ago was locked by the priest Torah, in a special crafted music box for her. Alex is a 33 years old female, non-believer in god with an alternative view on life and nowadays while hurrying for work she sees the[…]

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They're Watching // Short Film Trailer

They’re Watching

Living in “perfect” high-class suburbia, Allie and her cheating boyfriend Darren’s relationship is already on thin ice, when Allie begins to notice strange “people” watching her…but what do they want?

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The Essay From Hell // Daily Short Picks

The Essay From Hell

Despite being asked by the girl of his dreams – conscientious high school student, Rob, declines a trip up to an abandoned cabin in the woods with his 4 friends. They leave him to go and party while he finishes his essay…an essay from hell. From the pages of his[…]

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Donoma // Featured Short


A story about overcoming fear with courage and the transcendent quality of Native American rituals DONOMA digs into a realm of mysticism and its unique connection with nature and the cosmos. We find ourselves following a young boy on his vision quest to exit the youth and find power within[…]

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Civil // Daily Short Picks


A black door-to-door salesman struggles to make his first sale when he spots a Confederate flag hanging on the wall of his potential client.

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Blackwood // Featured Short


A sound recordist picks up a strange sound whilst filming on location in a forest. After a disturbing encounter, she wakes up alone, confused and filthy in her house Turn up your speakers or better yet plug up your headphones. Blackwood is a short that emphasizes on sound design to[…]

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It Crawled Through The Window // Daily Short Picks

It Crawled In Through The Window

A couple has the scariest pillow-talk ever. Director’s Statement There’s something that fascinates me about the concept of spending such a considerable portion of our lives searching for someone to share a bed with. I’m an intensely light sleeper, so there’s an interesting paradox in feeling a sense of love,[…]

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Copycat // Daily Short Picks


A seemingly hypnotized girl enters the uncharted territory of following a mysterious character through her otherworldly behaviour. Attracted to her new surreal aura she turns into a blind imitator, but soon comes face to face with the realisation that her copycat act will cost her more than her autonomy. Director’s[…]

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The Birth of Deceit // Short Film Trailer

The Birth of Deceit

A peaceful town where all seems to be normal lies a dark cold secret that took the town by surprise as a couple befriended their neighbor/close friends, granddaughter for their own psychopath needs. Which led to the main character, Ambar along with her friends fighting for their life.

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The Killer // Daily Short Picks

The Killer

The set of a horror movie is delayed when its lead actor fails to deliver a pivotal line.

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