Aping // Daily Short Picks


Five participants undergo a not so simple test of conformity.

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Nina // TRailer


Nina is a story of love, loss and origami. This is short drama film following Sarah as she returns to a house full of memories which slowly work their way into her psyche .

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Dwelling // Daily Short Picks


A man comes home and finds the front door wide open.

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Survival Hunt // Daily Pick

Survival Hunt

A desperate young woman is on a mission to find a hidden lifeline in the middle of no where. Directors Statement Imagine signing up for an opportunity to join a prize game and then having to fight for your life to make it out. In this sadistic thriller I decided[…]

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Ius Talionis // Featured Short

Ius Talionis

A nightly encounter between two lovers, turns into something unexpected… Karma can be a tedious subject in film taking on thousands of different faces, but add a defining visual and sensual experience and you seem to forget all about it until it hits you right back in the head. The[…]

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Vanilla Cake // Daily Short Picks

Vanilla Cake

Alex’s 16th birthday quickly takes a turn when he begins to discover the horror that is brewing under the surface of his family.

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The Choke // Daily Short Picks

The Choke

In the final hours before curtain up on opening night, a young male dancer, Simi, battles an inability to perform a dangerous dance move on his co-star, Alana, whom he’s also infatuated with. While his choreographer is pushing him to surrender to the violence of the act if the show’s[…]

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Hope // Featured Short


A young woman’s sense of reality becomes an illusion as she struggles with her internal conflicts European films often have their particular way to tell a story, and are typically not afraid to bend the boundaries of comprehension. Spanish director Aleix Buch’s ‘Hope’ easily skips along those lines, where the[…]

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WHO? // Daily Short Picks

W H O?

When Saad started his night shift to guard the farm, a stranger showed up, Saad is forced to use his Weapon for the first time

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