Peach and Cherry // Daily Short Picks

Peach and Cherry

A frenetic and impressionistic riff on films of the French New Wave, but not in an obnoxious way. Two self-proclaimed “Unlovers” who don’t give two damns about “L’amour” must find a new definition for their feelings as they drift through the end of summertime in Paris. Director’s Statement I made[…]

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Ask Me Another // Daily Short Picks

Ask Me Another

A London-set psycho-sexual drama of lust and loneliness for the Tinder generation. Harriet plays a titillating game with Tim through Dating Apps, Social Media and – eventually – in person until hidden truths emerge. Director’s Note ASK ME ANOTHER was written very quickly. Single life in London (at least for[…]

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Work // Daily Short Picks


A young mom questions her choices and identity while raising her daughter on a farm. Director’s Statement Modern identity is built on the work we do, including — though it is rarely named as such — parenting. With this film, we wanted to explore how isolating it can be to[…]

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Pretty Is // Featured Short

Pretty Is

After being turned down by a boy her age, sixteen-year-old Honey, the daughter of a religious family in a small Southern town, turns her interests to Leander, an older man who’s recently been saved at her church. Set in rural South Carolina in the early nineties, sixteen-year-old Honey (Kristine Froseth),[…]

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The Last Message // Daily Short Picks

The Last Message

After the breakup, she left a final message. Director’s Statement This film was created around a real voice message I received at the end of my last relationship. When I heard it for the first time, I was a wreck. I’m not sure what possessed me in the moment, but[…]

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Anything for You, Abby // Daily Short Picks

Anything For You, Abby

Abby’s dream date won’t stop masturbating. It’s a problem. Director’s Statement Tim Berners-Lee created the internet to facilitate the exchange of scientific research between intellectuals. Within a decade, humans proceeded to use 80% of its bandwidth for porn, because of course we did. For all our scientists’ lofty ambitions, Anything[…]

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Touch // Daily Short Picks


Fragments of a love story, composed of point-of-view shots. Director’s Statement The concept of this film stemmed from a simple class exercise I did at Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema (Brooklyn College). The requirement was to shoot a short love story without showing the actors’ faces. I wanted to portray[…]

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Only In Dreams // Featured Short

Only in Dreams

A young man battles his daydreams and memories as he tries his best to function at the wedding of the woman he thought he would marry. The underlying story is a familiar one, but the careful crafting in the storytelling turns this piece into a magnificent visual and psychological experience.[…]

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Memory of You // Daily Short Picks

Memory of You

Adam is having dinner with his wife, when he is disrupted by something from his past. A story about love that never was – all shot in one single take!

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The Ocean // Daily Short Picks

The Ocean

One woman’s universe expands the more she connects with her lover. An intimate lesbian love story told in contemporary dance, The Ocean celebrates love’s ultimate triumph over fear. Director’s Statement When Wallis first mentioned The Ocean – a new devotional song for her partner Tracey – I prodded her on[…]

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