A paranoid schizophrenic gets his medication from a drug dealer on the street.

Director’s Vision for ‘They Meet at Night’

Written and shot in less than 72 hours for the Asian American Film Lab’s 72 hour Film Shootout Competition, “They Meet At Night” chronicles a meeting between Kevin, a paranoid schizophrenic, and his drug dealer whom he gets his medication from. Following the competition’s theme – “joyful resistance” – frequent collaborators Cameron Kalajian and Armaan Virani made a film that tackled the competition’s theme in an unexpected way, blending elements of traditional drama and horror, ultimately winning awards for Best South East Asian Filmmaker (Cameron Kalajian) and Best Cinematography (Armaan Virani). Shot on the streets of New York City with a shooting budget of $1,000, “They Meet At Night” highlights the failure of the American healthcare system and the horrors that come with it.