Hot Water // Daily Short Picks

Hot Water

Freshly divorced and new to the US, Jeanne finds herself navigating the world of house mates for the very first time. Hunter envisions her a damsel in distress and himself her savior. The film explores grey areas, the banality of misogyny and the nuance of power imbalance. It’s important to[…]

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The Goodnight Show // Daily Short Picks

The Goodnight Show

The year is 1978 and an unstoppable asteroid is hours away from ending the world. For most, all hope is lost. However, in paltry hero Samuel’s case, tonight is his last chance to find love and hopefully, not die a virgin. With nothing to lose (except the obvious), he embarks[…]

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The Selfish Ones // Daily Short Picks

The Selfish Ones

Two reminiscent brothers attend a wake while an underlying secret begins to reveal itself.

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Heard // Daily Short Picks


NewCom studio’s latest film ‘Heard’ uses the stunning Scottish Highlands and a unique method of visual storytelling to express a range of spiritual themes. Depicted through the lens of three characters; Fear, Loss and Anxiety, desperation leads them to cry out to the unknown. While they may not have seen[…]

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Hot Water // Short Film Trailer

Hot Water

Freshly divorced and new to the US, Jeanne finds herself navigating the world of house mates for the very first time. Featured on Film Shortage August 24th.

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Vétérane // Featured Short


CAMELIA, an escort with a troubled past, is newly employed at an erotic massage parlour in eastern Montreal. Met coldly by her competitive new colleagues, she struggles to establish a clientele while maintaining her dignity A tense social drama about the competitive nature of Montreal’s erotic massage parlours. Vétérane (Veteran)[…]

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Donuts // Daily Short Picks


A young woman’s night changes direction after a downward spiral of self examination. Director’s Statement “Donuts” is a story I’ve been wanting to tell for years, but could never get to something I liked. I wanted to educate people on the reality of living with body shame, but the script[…]

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Daydreamer // Daily Short Picks


A struggling musician is peer pressured into performing a very personal song while at a party he wishes he didn’t have to attend. Director’s Statement The Specs’ DAYDREAMER is a song I’ve wanted to incorporate into a project for years now. I went back and forth with ideas, and finally[…]

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Guest of Honor // Featured Short


A devout Nazi oversees a group of taste testers for Hitler Creating any type of film with any historical connotation is a gutsy move, creating one about Nazis is downright courageous. ‘Guest of Honor’ is a high-strung tension breezer from director Justin Robinson about a devout Nazi overseeing a group[…]

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Hers // Daily Short Picks


“Hers” is a portrait of the things we fight for. A single mother works as a maid and trains to fight in her first competition. All while raising her daughter. We all escape into different parts of our lives.

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