Black Hat // Short Film Trailer

Black Hat

A seemingly pious Hasidic man living a secret double life misplaces his black hat one night which will cause his two separate lives to collide in a way he never imagined.

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The Duology of Man // Daily Short Picks

The Duology of Man

The Duology of Man is a short film made up of two parables about the nature of human choice. Director’s Statement We think there is a fine line between films that are too strange and hard to understand that you switch off, and films that are so real that you[…]

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Hajji // Featured Short


A fateful encounter between two U.S. Marines and an Afghan teenager fuels a wartime cycle of violence in this inspired-by-true-events short Starring Ross Marquand (The Walking Dead, Avengers: Infinity War) and Dayo Okeniyi (The Hunger Games), Hajji strikes on a terrifying reality and projected misconception of what we know that[…]

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Father Rock // Short Film Trailer

Father Rock

In a world where the Church has fallen apart, one man continues to do God’s work, and hustle to pay his bills at the same time.

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Katanga // Featured Short


A young woman living in Katanga turned to her local boxing gym after being brutally assaulted in her neighbourhood. Katanga is photo series and docu-fiction featuring the female boxers of Katanga, one of the largest slums in Kampala. It is based on the true story of Hellen Baleke, a young[…]

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Remote Capture // Daily Short Picks

Remote Capture

A variety of men must come to terms with their identity when a mysterious journalist shows up and asks them questions about their pasts.

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The Safe House // Short Film Trailer

The Safe House

The incredible true story of a man’s survival through torture, and the strength of hope and empathy.

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Four Eyes // Featured Short

Four Eyes

A bespectacled kid in the 70’s who gets picked on outside the house and then gets beat up at home for having broken glasses. Four Eyes is the story of a kid in the 70s who gets picked on by some bullies over and over again. Each time they break[…]

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Ask Me Another // Daily Short Picks

Ask Me Another

A London-set psycho-sexual drama of lust and loneliness for the Tinder generation. Harriet plays a titillating game with Tim through Dating Apps, Social Media and – eventually – in person until hidden truths emerge. Director’s Note ASK ME ANOTHER was written very quickly. Single life in London (at least for[…]

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Options // Featured Short


Avery Ross, the CEO of a small chemical company, must confront a situation her father created when he was running the firm. In the wake of several documentaries that highlight corporate or social corruption such as ‘Fyre‘ and ‘The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley‘, we are reminded that[…]

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