With the end of Quebec winter comes the maple season and its traditions centered around the sugar shack. Maple syrup production has been rooted in Quebec culture for centuries, and the transmission of the craftsmanship it requires is more often than not a family affair. Oh Sirop is our encounter with families that have been producing maple syrup professionally or artisanally for decades, underlying an heritage that still lives on today. From tapping trees to making maple products, Oh Sirop is interested in maple syrup practices that are part of history, transmitted and adapted from generation to generation.

Director’s Vision for ‘Oh Sirop’

Oh Sirop is an immersion in the world of Quebec’s maple syrup producers. I first wanted to understand what motivated them to, their passion and their hard work, and to pass on their expertise to the next generation. Even if it’s been the subject of several documentaries, I found that there was a lack of attachment to the transmission of knowledge. I really wanted to highlight the unifying side of the industry. To achieve this, I opted for a sober approach that allows us to contemplate each scene. Tripod shots and zooms offer a gentle contemplation. I also wanted to have an approach that was consistent to our subject matter : maple syrup production is a slow, patient and human process. I also wanted to let the editing breathe. By creating a lot of space both audibly and visually, to feel more the loneliness and the distance imposed by the maple work.