In this absurd romantic-comedy, we are first introduced to Luke, Bridie and Tilly as they rideshare to the pub for their separate dating-app dates. Their Woober driver swerves and squeals through the sunset-lit Sydney landscape, coursing past a cacophony of characters.

Luke has an elaborate date of his own design in a park with a militant vegan named Brendan. Tilly falls immediately in love with a bra-less grunge singer named Cass. Bridie enters the pub’s weekly steak-eating competition, where she meets, and eats, the love of her life – ‘Meat-Man’ a man made entirely out of prime medium-rare steak.

Disaster ensues on all counts, and the three end the night crammed in a skip-bin outside the pub—dateless and still single as they watch a pregnant rat give birth to her beautiful babies. They reflect on the night’s shenanigans and watch the sunrise, ready to take on another dateless day in the big smoke.

‘Single’ aims to not romanticise romantic moments, but explore what real romance feels like in Sydney; awkward, itchy sex, misread signals and uncomfortable flirty banter.