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Sic Transit Glory || Daily Short Picks

A surreal exploration of the conflict between moving forward and living in the past, ‘Sic Transit Glory’ follows Anna and Brigitte, two loving friends who despite their history must face the possibility that time and distance may soon divide them. The film draws from magic realism to communicate emotional ideas[…]

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A Man's World || Daily Short Picks

Women now only represent 5% of the world’s population. One man tries to help the few that are left. This is the third no-budget short film in our “12 films in 12 months” project.

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Complicated || Daily Short Picks

A young girl fights to survive in a dystopian future while trying to understand the complexities of life. Inspired by the poem “Life is so Complicated” by Shilpa

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Vatula - The Whirl Wind || Daily Short Picks

We all human beings do not carry anything while we take birth nor when we die on this planet. Even after knowing this universal reality, our eyes gets disillusioned by the web of material world which causes breakdown of emotions into our lives. As we grow old with time various[…]

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The Job || Daily Short Picks

THE JOB follows Jeff, a washed-up cyclist, who gets a job requiring him to bike alone in a concrete room for hours. The walls are bare; there is not even a clock to keep time. His stationary bicycle is wired from the rear wheel to the back wall. Jeff demands[…]

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Vision of The Ordinary || Daily Short Picks

An exploration into the danger of the hatred that is becoming increasingly encouraged as ordinary. Two soldiers suffering from post traumatic stress plan a misguided revenge attack. Tackling Islamophobia and racism.

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