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Static Stephen // Daily Short Picks

Tired of his big brother’s bullying ways, eight year old Stephen uses his wild imagination and polka dot socks to teach him an electrifying lesson! Director’s Notes I’d wanted to make a short film for a while and naturally, working in commercials, my mind is set on telling stories in[…]

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A Stone of Hope // Daily Short Picks

Jim St. Germain has surmounted enormous odds. He was born into poverty before immigrating from Haiti to Crown Heights in Brooklyn. Once in the states, Jim began to get into trouble with the law and almost died from violence in his neighborhood. Jim eventually turned everything around and now can[…]

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Wind Back // Daily Short Picks

A sealed door divides a little boy from his mother. He will go to great lengths to be with her, but when that barrier breaks down, the boy will have to become an adult.

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Spring: The Fairest of the Seasons // Daily Short Picks

Spring: The Fairest of the Seasons covers the life of a wannabe cowboy (Justin Phillip) as the changing country pulls him away from his ranching aspirations and into WWII, the burgeoning oil industry, and the strange world of ventriloquist dummy peddling. He has to balance his myriad of career paths[…]

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Red Light Feeling // Daily Short Picks

During an evening of babysitting, Rebecca draws inspiration from a ‘learn Spanish’ tutorial series while reflecting about her stagnant life. Starring: Kandis Fay, Dominic Bogart, Dione Kuraoka, Chris Mast Wardrobes provided by Solosix ( Set paintings provided by Nilu Azimi (

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Minerva's Lilies // Daily Short Picks

A meditation on femininity and the magic of being a woman, a girl, a daughter. Minerva’s Lilies centres on two sisters, Leah and Nayomi aged, 9 and 10 as they go through the motions of ‘being girls’. The visual meditation forms the experience of not only the girls’ little world[…]

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