Panties are an intimate part of every woman’s wardrobe, yet they are often shrouded in secrecy and how we refer to them can vary based on our cultural background and personal experiences. In this provocative short film, women from diverse backgrounds discuss how their undergarments reflect their personal identities and experiences.

Director’s Vision for ‘Panties’

Ask any woman how they feel about the word and they are sure to elicit a reaction––ewww! Or a giggle. Some women despise it while others think it sounds silly, and some think the word is tied to sex and objectification. I grew up in a Spanish-speaking home where “panties” was how we referred to undergarments, yet as I went through adolescence my feeling about the word changed–it took on sexual connotations and I no longer felt comfortable using it. Now, as an adult woman, I like the word and use it naturally in my vocabulary. This lifelong relationship to such a simple word piqued my interest and I felt the need to ask more women, how do they feel about the word? Do we feel that one word has power over us ans women, and if so, can we shift and take ownership of that power?