The seemingly ordinary birthday bash takes a surprising twist as partygoers feast on film-infused cake, immersing themselves in a cinematic journey through the captivating highlights of past SIFF premieres.

Director’s Vision for ‘2024 Seattle Film Festival’

Seeing our vision come to life overwhelms me with a sense of gratitude for everyone who worked on this. Looking back, I realize the amount of talent I had the luck to collaborate with on this project: Andrea Gavazzi, Alessandro Marvelli, Lorenzo Grasso, Proxima Milano, the Wongdoody creative team, and producers.

Tons of preparation, dedication, and hard work went into making this film, but the truth is, we also had so much fun on set. As our characters were getting inebriated with movies, we found ourselves becoming more entranced by the filmmaking process. Let’s raise a film-filled glass to the Seattle Film Festival’s 50th run. Cheers, everyone.