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After a psychotic meltdown in the operating room, a high-profile brain surgeon must convince a psychiatrist of his sanity, in order to save his career.

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Director’s Vision for ‘I Can’t Cut It Out!’

The core of our film is about overcoming grief. Having recently lost parents to Parkinson’s and cancer, we felt compelled to unbox our journey from heartbreak to acceptance. As our loved ones diminished into shells of their former selves, we deteriorated as well. The pressure of needing to provide hope despite their inevitable decline was soul-crushing. We could not imagine the emotional burden shouldered by their doctors, who had to fight terminal illness for a career. In his cataclysmic fall from grace, our protagonist, Dr. Bannister, is haunted by the patients he couldn’t save. Only when he opens up about his pain is he able to receive an important message, a note Christian’s mom scribbled on the back of a book in her final days: “When the going gets tough, the tough get grooving.