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  • Daily Short Picks

    The Swamp King
    A short tale about what happens when a group of frogs meet a big frog shaped balloon. A metaphor about blind faith and religion.
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  • Daily Short Picks

    Cole – InFamous
    When Cole develops incredible powers after surviving a lethal city-wide explosion, he has a life-changing decision to make: protect himself and those closest to him or stand up […]
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  • The Retirement of Joe Corduroy | Daily Short Picks on Film Shortage

    Daily Short Picks

    The Retirement of Joe Corduroy
    A quiet dentist finds a new purpose in retirement when his nephew is left comatose by a violent mugging. Joe takes to the streets to show the city’s […]
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  • Trailers

    The Inheritor
    Naslednik Mitar, the protagonist, inherits some money from Australia. To get his inheritance, he has to go through a series of issues, without realizing what he will actually […]
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  • Trailers

    Fish in the Sea
    Lawrence and Tiffany decide to take a romantic escape to a remote island. While venturing around the grounds, Tiffany begins to get the feeling that this place holds […]
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  • Three Girls | Short Film Trailer


    Three Girls
    A young bastard finds love with a sick girl, loses it with a heartless bitch and touches redemption with a young girl’s corpse.
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