A depressed young man sinks to a new low when he decides to break up with his imaginary friend. Now alone facing reality, is he headed towards his big break or a total breakdown?

Director’s Vision for ‘Boring Barry & His Imaginary Friend’

The core team behind this film came together because we had something in common: we were all experiencing loss, and we were all battling depression.

We wanted to make something relatable, cathartic, and hopeful – especially for the struggling artists of the world. But we also wanted to make it feel true to life. So we were intent on creating a film that wouldn’t be rosy or dishonest. Climbing through depression is a crawl, not a sudden metamorphosis.

So we centered the film around a lowest point. Our short is about finding the bravery to take your first step.

We hope you will enjoy & not feel so alone in your endeavors!