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Korn - YNFM // Daily Short Picks

Korn – YNFM

The director’s cut of Korn’s ‘You’ll Never Find Me’ music video. A thrilling visual ride based on Nietzsche’s idea of eternal recurrence tells a story of a man stuck in an infinite cycle of time. Watch the official video version below

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Nobody I Can Trust // Daily Short Picks

Kemba – Nobody I Can Trust

An absurdist narrative video, using tropes from zombie movies to satirize race relations. GET OUT meets GROUNDHOG DAY. Kemba plays a fry cook in an aggressively retro-Americana suburb. In a loop of the same 3 scenes that make up his day-to-day routine- Each day, beginning with a different African-American person[…]

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Don't Waste IT // Daily Short Picks

newhaven | Don’t Waste It

Set in an abandoned research facility, the music video follows ‘Six’, a test subject who is goaded into making his escape by a mysterious woman from his past. The film clip combines miniature sets with 3D and 2D animated characters into a menagerie of styles that are diverse, but still[…]

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Asian She - Competitive Mourning // Daily Short Picks

Asian She – Competitive Mourning

Competitive Mourning follows a man on the hunt for easy prey but on this occasion picks the wrong person to mess with. Directors’ Statement Our aim was to modernize and ground a very familiar horror character. We wanted to subvert the viewers’ expectations of the tropes that are commonly associated[…]

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29 Gold Stars // Daily Short Picks

29 Gold Stars

29 Gold Stars is a female revenge tale about a deceitful love triangle, that ultimately delivers justice for those that deserve it. Director’s Statement The story spans several weeks, but the film is shot entirely in one take, with no trick edits. To show time passing, we made changes to[…]

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A Dog in The Mud // Daily Short Pick

A Dog in the Mud (Santa Fe Short Film)

The film serves as a trailer for the indie artist Lostboycrow & his debut full length album, Santa Fe. Director’s Statement With Chris (Lostboycrow), his work evokes a feeling. Try closing your eyes and listen to his music with an open mind. The sounds make your mind wander into a[…]

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Zayn - Satisfaction // Daily Short Picks


Touching upon elements of spirituality that we feel and don’t voice, ‘Satisfaction’ expresses the mercurial beauty of a relationship set against the backdrop of an ongoing war. Underscored by lyrics about struggle and finding fulfilment, the story explores the nature of existential desolation and transcendence framed around love, loss and[…]

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Spaceman // Daily Short Picks


This music Video SPACEMAN is the simple story of a young woman reminiscing a childhood friendship gone by set to the spacey synths and powerful voice of Midwest based singer songwriter (and dear friend of mine) Anna Marie Carey. The project was a hands-on labor of love. It was primarily[…]

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Bloom // Daily Short Picks


An aspiring drag queen must find the courage to take the stage for the first time, but can a flower bloom in this much shade? Featuring a cast of real-life performers from Boston, Massachusetts, “Bloom” explores the intense artistry and determination behind every drag show. Director’s Statement Drag is an[…]

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