Cured || Daily Short Picks


After being quarantined, Amy’s return home creates tension within her family. Can the once infected ever return to the life they’ve led before?

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Starman || Featured Short Film


Wyatt Star is the first motorcycle rider in attempting a jump over a football field. After crashing the practice jump, with a broken body and a broken bike Starman will have to face a life full of past mistakes if he wants to get back on that ramp, and weigh[…]

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Trash Bags || Daily Short Picks

Trash Bags

A former couple is forced to reflect over the degradation of their relationship.

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Boogaloo and Graham || Daily Short Picks

Boogaloo and Graham

The film is the story of two boys in 1970s Belfast whose father buys them two pet chickens. In 2015, the film won a BAFTA and was nominated for an Oscar.

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III || Daily Short Picks


‘III’ is an atmospheric short film and landscape art, expressing story without a linear narrative. Providing a brief character study of a bereaved father, we gradually unite both the visual and dialogue components together to compose the narrative of the film.

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Une petit minet || Daily Short Picks

Une petit minet

The short is a tale about a young man and his happiness pursuits seeded by a conversation he overheard as a child.

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Magnanimity || Daily short Picks


MAGNANIMITY is not a story about a main character, but about three young adults caught up in a love triangle and their very own specific understanding of a quiet heated and chaotic situation.

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Second Death || Short Film Trailer

Second Death

Written & Directed by Dustin Buck & Meghan Nicole Starring: Trisha Zarate as Stefanie Jonathon Tracy as Ole Logan Chitwood as Coen Carly Rucker as Death Cinematographer: Rolando Herrera Edited by Dustin Buck Produced by Meghan Nicole & Don Graham

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Panacea || Daily Short Picks


PANACEA is a short film about a Husbands Odyssey, of trying to cope with a miscarriage that he and his wife just suffered through.

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Off Track Betty || Daily Short Picks

Off Track Betty

In a rapidly changing city, a woman realizes she no longer recognizes the neighborhood she calls home. When a young man approaches her with a direct connection to her past, she is forced to ask: When do we hold on to our past, and when is it time to let[…]

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