The Hun // Daily Short Picks

The Hun

The Hun is a short film drama set in the trenches during the late stages of the First World War. It follows a young American soldier, Private MacDonald, who has just become his company’s new message runner. Facing imminent German advances, MacDonald and his brothers in arms mentally prepare for[…]

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Sunlit // Short Film Trailer


“Sunlit” weaves an old folk tale into the lives of three main characters as they deal with an uncertain future. Set in Columbia, South Carolina, the film explores how we handle loss and how certain places can continue to provide comfort through memory.

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10:17 // Featured Short Film


Waiting for a woman he has never met to arrive at his hotel, Hector debates if he should go through with his current plan. The first of three chapters of a short film trilogy about love, loss, and life, ’10:17′ is a film driven by uncertainty and unknowns. Director Stephen[…]

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The Farm // Daily Short Picks

The Farm

On an isolated farm in rural England, a man seeks the truth behind his wife’s mysterious disappearance.

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No More Shall We Part // Daily Short Picks

No More Shall We Part

Driven to the edge and in isolation, Henry, a man with unshakeable devotion to his wife and God, struggles to maintain routine in the face of sheer desperation. An unexpected arrival threatens to shatter his world completely.

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62 Million // Short Film trailer

62 Million

When a missing girl turns up in a hotel room with the world’s biggest pop star, a journalist and a dark web vigilante try to break the story.

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The Photographer // Daily Short Pick

The Photographer

A reclusive photographer finds himself confronted with a disturbing reality, after he becomes obsessed with following a young woman. Should he act and risk being discovered? Director’s Statement We can all admit to having behaved like Sebastian; watching without actually taking part in life. We all look at images of people[…]

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Petty // Daily Short Picks


A couple’s argument about finances is framed by an immanent tragic event.

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The Composer // Daily Short Picks

The Composer

Younness explores a stark and beautifully composed world, focusing on prejudice and the expectation of the viewer. ‘The Composer’ is based around the performance of its lead actor (Sean Richards-Mulzac) and a monologue, written by Youness, that rages against the injustices faced in his life, and death. The film focuses[…]

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