When a man just can’t take it anymore, his friend cheating him out of a promotion takes him over the edge.

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Director’s Vision for ‘Happy For You’

We’ve all been betrayed by someone we trusted, maybe a friend or colleague. I set out to make a mean and lean thriller about revenge and whether it’s worth it. Most of us accept what’s been done to us, and this is a film about someone who fights back.

With Happy for You, I set out to take the audience for a ride. I wanted to tell a tight short film with a beginning, middle, and end that grabbed the viewer and didn’t let go until we cut to black. The script and edit went through dozens of revisions to ensure the pacing of tension was gradual and smooth. The film goes to such an intense place at the end that it was essential to make sure we teased information at the beginning of the film that supported the ending but didn’t give it away. This process was such a fun experience and has only been topped by watching the film with theaters of people during festival screenings. It’s been an absolute thrill and privilege.