Classic Betty Party // Daily Short Pick

Classic. Becky. Party.

Becky has arranged every detail for what’s supposed to be the perfect party. The food, the ambiance, the decor is all set, all that’s missing are the guests.

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Mamma // Daily Short Picks


A young woman finds herself trapped in the middle of a gang turf war when she witnesses a cold blooded murder. Director’s Statement I had been thinking for some time that I wanted to make a one shot film and the inspiration finally came during my stay in a film[…]

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See More Glass

See More Glass

See More Glass tells the story of Michael, a war veteran who upon his return home, finds himself incapable of fitting within the society and his own family. See More Glass is a character study that delves into the essence of the unwell, however not in the body, but in[…]

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Farewell // Daily Short Picks


Feelings of grief bubble up for Mikey as his Mother isn’t there to share a special moment with him. Mikey’s Father, who knows what’s up, has a trick up his sleeve to help Mikey process his mourning. However, the trick works better than expected and leads Mikey’s father to question[…]

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Shadows of Greatness // Daily Short Picks

Shadows of Greatness

Shadows of Greatness follows pro boxer Sena Agbeko, Ghana’s former middleweight boxing champion. With a record of 60-9, he moved to the US to take his career to the next level, but has yet to make his mainstream debut. In the middle of a career gap and an immigrant with[…]

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Flash and Blood // Daily Short Picks

Flesh and Blood

When an apocalyptic virus threatens to turn her father into a violent monster, 18 year-old Max must lead him and her younger sister, Ellen, through a perilous mountain range in hope of finding a cure on the other side. With Max willing to risk it all to save her father,[…]

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Deadbeat // Daily Short Picks


After over 20 years with no contact, Ryan discovers that his absentee father is terminally ill and decides to confront him on his deathbed about his past transgressions.

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8328 // Featured Short Film


8328 is about an unexpected encounter between young Hugo and Raymond, to whom life has given few gifts… except a few wooden carvings. 8328, c’est une rencontre entre le petit Hugo et le grand Raymond, à qui la vie ne fait pas de cadeaux. À part des petites sculptures en[…]

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Lifeline // Daily Short Picks


A story about Beth, a mother who is forced to the limit for her son Ash, putting her morality to the test. Lifeline asks how far we’d push ourselves for the people we love. The film shows that even in a brutally impossible situation, there will always be something deeply[…]

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