After a mysterious record player lands outside of her house, a disillusioned painter journeys through her tumultuous breakup, guided by her ex-girlfriend.

Director’s Vision for ‘Run out Groove’

When the last note of the last song sounds, a record doesn’t stop spinning. Instead the needle moves towards the run out groove, those last few etches where there is no sound but silence. The music remains grand and beautiful and full of life; it’s just missing now. And the record continues to spin, and spin, until someone decides to get up from the couch and take the record off.

Not all relationships end with a sudden scratch or a shattered record. Some continue to spin long past when the music is gone. Often you don’t even realize something is missing until whatever that spark of life is comes back to you, and you think, “What the fuck, how did I not notice the trumpet stopped?”

With this film I wanted to play with that unsettling, absurd, heartbreaking, hopeful moment that comes after such a relationship. When you finally realize you’d been missing your life long before you missed them.

RUN OUT GROOVE was made with love in the desert by seven women. The entire post-production team was also made up of women and/or non-binary people. It’s been an honor to tell this quirky, disorienting, honest film with such a group, and I hope it makes you laugh and feel.