The free will of a young couple is altered after their son becomes ill.

Director’s Vision for ‘Divine Air’

This film was inspired by the Bystander Effect: when the presence of others discourages an individual from intervening in an emergency situation, against a bully, or during an assault or other crime – something we deal with on a daily basis among different social classes, genders, and races.

Someone once said that watching a movie brings you to a state that is halfway between asleep and awake. With that, I wanted to create a dream on the screen – from falling asleep to waking up (possibly unaware if you’ve actually awakened) creating a feeling of hopelessness with an underlying aloofness that contrasts our emotions, similarly to some dreams I’ve had. This gives a sense of confusion, similarly to how you would feel if you were actually involved in the Bystander Effect in your conscious life.

The most challenging part of this project was involving the viewer, who is not only a part of this film, but are a part of the antagonist. As the audience builds in number (bystanders, theater audience, and the viewer of the film), the characters begin to act more and more illogical creating the exact opposite reaction of what the characters should do in that situation.

This couldn’t have been done without the incredible actors and crew members that put so much time and effort into this project. It was one of the best experiences of my life and I hope to make the feature film soon with the same group of filmmakers.