An emerging actress prepares for her career defining role, but the underpinning psychological battle might come at too great a cost. Elina is at her local gym, facing the punching bag. She is preparing for the role of Macbeth in a new all-female adaptation. With each punch, she recites, adjusts and repeats lines with conviction and intent. As she punches the bag, her acting coach Sharon peers in and out of the shadows. At first, Sharon is calm and affirming. As the rehearsal progresses, she pushes Elina into the dark waters of her past, reviving scars of abandonment Elina is not ready to face. In the final punch to Sharon’s face, it is clear Elina won’t put up with the abuse. But was Sharon ever really there?

Director’s Vision for ‘CAST’

Vulnerability is the access point of every form of art. Dancers, actors, writers expose the confines of their souls, creating a truth that will resonate with their intended audience and, with luck, get them to the next level in their career. But is there a limit? That question is at the core of CAST.