The Voice in the Head || Daily Short Picks

The Voice in the Head

Psychologist David Rosenhan Ph.D – ‘If sanity and insanity exist, how shall we know them?

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5 Stages of Dying || Daily Short Picks

5 Stages of Dying

A young man spirals through a wild array of emotions after being diagnosed with a terminal illness.

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After The End || Daily Short Picks

After The End

After The End tells the story of couple discussing their inevitable end.

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Float || Short Film Trailer


Float is a short film set in mid 1990s Seattle, following the day-to-day trials and tribulations of Cambodian-American hustler Rocky Mang. Still living at home with his family, Rocky spends his days cruising the streets of Seattle, slanging cheap goods on the corner as he struggles to help his family[…]

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Hurricane || Featured Short Film


A dark comedy about couple’s encounter with a suspected communist during the height of the Cold War in the mid-1950s. Set in the 50’s during the Cold War, Hurricane is a dark comedy by Christiano Dias who brings a different dimension and certainly an uncoveted view of the era’s fears[…]

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Dark Tunnel || Short Trailer

Dark Tunnel

Dark Tunnel follows the life of a teenage girl who gets connected with an underground organization. This organization is both notorious and gruesome. They are heavy manufacturers of illegal substances and trafficking. She gets in over her head and begins to learn more and more about what they do and[…]

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Staycation || Daily Short Picks


A sad guy on vacation just wants some quality alone time. So does the apartment he rented.

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Throw Me to the Dogs || Daily Short Picks

Throw Me to the Dogs

A troubled teenage boy, growing up in a dreamless wilderness and isolated from those around him, is stripped of his dignity as his father abandons him for the outside world which he is trying to retreat from.

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The Tip & Grinds || Daily Short Picks

The Tip & Grinds

Barry, the manager of a 70’s rock band called The Tip & Grinds, must contend with disgruntled musicians, persistent groupies, and over-eager journalists to make it to the gig on time, and hold on to his sanity.

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Untouched || Trailer

Untouched / Unberührt

During a harsh winter in 1895 two mentally and physically mistreated siblings live with their abusive father on a small farm in the mountains. The older sister attempts to avoid any conflicts with her father. Her little brother has fallen into a state of anxiety and shock. Both live in[…]

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