Romania – Based on actual facts.

40-year-old childless kindergarten teacher, Ana Petcu (Dorotheea Petre – Best Actress 2005 Cannes FF), visits her doctor to discuss lab results – and despite receiving answers to life long questions, she discovers the repercussions of being raised in Eastern European communist block foster care systems.

Director’s Vision for ’27 Children’

I heard this story during a family trip in Romania. I was so moved and shocked by that, I decided to go back and shoot this movie. I wrote the script and through FB I reached out to actors and other friends to help me do this project. I literally took my rent money, my camera, backpack my lenses and went to Bucharest for 2 weeks, short preproduction, met the actors, scouted locations and shot the project. Within three days with no crew, just one helper, I was able to put everything “in the can”.
Hopefully this movie will bring awareness and acknowledge the wrong doing brought upon these girls / women to be, in hope that history won’t repeat these horrible mistakes.