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Returning from a trip deep in the woods, a young girl and her soon-to-be stepfather are forced to question their moral choices after encountering a stranded stranger.

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Director’s Vision for ‘Iris’

Underneath the tension laid throughout, this is a story about human connection. Our intention was to create a film that reflects the type of unbreakable bond formed between individuals after surviving a traumatic experience together. Sometimes it takes extraordinary circumstances to break down the thick barriers we place between each other and we wanted to tell a story that reflects two people learning to accept and respect one another.

Ever since we were roommates in college we have been bouncing script ideas off of each other and providing notes on the projects we have in development. IRIS is the first of those projects to be made into a film. This collaboration works so well because we approach filmmaking with similar sensibilities for pacing, aesthetics, and character development, but we’re not afraid to challenge each other’s ideas and push each other to justify why we should approach the story from one direction vs another.