The Internship // Daily Short Picks

The Internship

The Internship is a short film about race, class and privilege within the creative industries. It follows Josh, a young design graduate working in a dead end job has a chance meeting with his idol, a famous design magazine editor who offers him a rare and prestigious internship. However, he[…]

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Human Sun // Daily Short Picks

Human Sun

A spiritual teacher is having a mental breakdown – and it’s showtime. His only hope comes from an unassuming source. Director’s Statement Written, directed, and acted by Carl Bird McLaughlin, Human Sun showcases a day in the life of a spiritual teacher who is shaken when one of his followers[…]

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PAGG // Featured Short


In the aftermath of a hate crime, a Sikh American grapples with his fears and anxieties as he attempts to celebrate the 4th of July with his wife and infant son As tensions rise through various microaggressions and racially charged encounters, a Sikh American makes a tragic decision that changes[…]

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Vicarious // Daily Short Picks


Our film Vicarious tells the story of Jake Thompson, who works a normal job in an office. He distracts himself of his boring life by reading books and imagine himself as an action hero. But sooner or later this does not fulfill him anymore and he searches for a new[…]

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The Eagles Are a Country Music Band // Featured Short

The Eagles are a Country Music Band

Old friends reunite for a Christmas dinner party, but a playful fight about country music turns ugly when a dog’s death gets involved When a group of old friends reunite for Christmas they bicker about country music and share harmless stories, but one story goes too far – a husband[…]

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Ovum // Daily Short Picks


In the near future, a woman must make a life changing decision after a mind bending procedure. Director’s Statement I firmly believe great science fiction should hold a mirror to our society and challenge our deeply set traditions. That’s why I write humanistic sci-fi stories that take place in our[…]

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Ayananta // Daily Short Picks


Devika, questions her beliefs when she is confronted by a difficult and distanced relationship. While attempting to face her reality, she finds a philosophical response amidst her emotional uncertainty. Screened at the Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis as part of MNTV 2015, Best of Minnesota Shorts, Program 1 Selection. Part of[…]

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Coin Lunch // Featured Short

Coin Lunch

Jeff is a salaryman trying to fit into the hierarchy of the Japanese workplace. But when his wife cuts his daily budget, Jeff’s life begins a downward spiral, leaving him to choose what he needs more: his job or his family Sacrifices can sometimes take a toll on someone. Coin[…]

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Forever Dad // Daily Short Picks

Forever Dad

A heartwarming story of Fatherhood and the lifelong bond between a Father and Son.

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