A short film about murder, mystery, and ice cream.

After some long holidays and lots of food we want to start the year with a good laugh, and more ice cream! In theory there should be nothing funny about finding a dead body in your yard, but putting in place the right characters and actions, you can certainly get some laughter out of it.

This is exactly what Nicholas Payne Santos brought to the screen! With such a simple storyline, he made acting, humor and awkward situation the main, and only aspect of the film. The quick cuts and facial expression close ups of curiosity, disgust and aloofness, gives the viewers moments of sympathy and giggles.

The film was made for an end of the season screening event for a collective Nicholas is part of called FilmShop.  It is also his return to comedy since High School and part of a future series starring the Parkers, Charles Parker Newton and Parker Pogue, that he hopes to continue producing.


You can also see clips of Ice Cream in Film Shortage’s ‘This Is Who We Are’ Trailer